Yusuf Islam – Where Will the Children Play? China has the Answer.

March 9, 2014

If you ask me, the guy is better than ever.

In answer to his question, no worries. China has the answer, below.


5 Responses to “Yusuf Islam – Where Will the Children Play? China has the Answer.”

  1. vierotchka Says:

    It is nice to hear Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) sing and play again. I seem to remember that he had said, after his conversion to Islam, that his singing and playing were things of the past, so it is a pleasure to hear him again.

    With regard to the second video – where do the Chinese children play? That school is an expensive private school for the children of wealthy expats and the employees of the UN and its daughter organizations because said organizations pay some 90% of school fees.

  2. I have refused to listen to him since his attack on Salman Rushdie. His attempts to call what he said a joke are pathetic at best. No one else took them as jokes at the time, especially those who were present for them.

  3. Chris Ehly Says:

    great musician…

    thats the end of my compliments list.

  4. cyhalothrin Says:

    So Cat Stevens is trying to stage a comeback? I guess he must need the money. Now he has to worry that one of his fellow Jihadi friends doesn’t decide to put a fatwah out on him for committing blasphemy.

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