Apple CEO to Science Deniers: There’s the Door

March 1, 2014

Robertsdale, Alabama, former resident and Apple CEO Tim Cook has zero patience for people who deny climate change.

The National Center for Public Policy Research issued a statement to Apple deriding stricter government controls on environmental standards, prompting Cook to weigh in on shareholders trying to affect Apple’s green initiatives, according to CNET.

Apple hired the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency and has committed to green energy.

The NCPPR proposal to combat green initiatives was shot down, but not before Cook added his opinion.

“To any who found the company’s environmental dedication either ideologically or economically ill-advised, they can “get out of the stock,” Cook said.

As CEO, he hopes Apple will learn more ways to be green. “We want to leave the world better than we found it,” he said.

UPDATE: a reader quickly counters with the vid below:

9 Responses to “Apple CEO to Science Deniers: There’s the Door”

  1. I guess Apple don’t think much of this video clip then:

    Apple have been producing devices with ever short life cycles for too long. They were also heavily criticised for designing in planned obsolescence, making it almost impossible to swap out dead batteries etc.

    Apple have also been heavily criticised for their outsourced production of devices in China, namely at Foxconn.

    That all said, it’s good to see them not tolerating climate change denial. It’s a start, now let’s see you carry through and deliver the (green) goods.

  2. Thanks for the video update Peter. I own a Patagonia jacket from my climbing days. When I ripped it they repaired it for free. They also recycle etc. This is a model company in many ways.

    Apple may have just started out on the green path after years of campaign work by Greenpeace among others. Here’s a useful guide to greener electronics that Greenpeace put together. Apple is not high up on the list:

  3. According to the NCPCR’s About Us page, their environmental policy is “Firm in the belief that private owners are the best stewards of the environment, The National Center’s Center for Environmental and Regulatory Affairs advocates private, free market solutions to today’s environmental challenges.”

    According to NCPCR’s press release, “If Apple wants to follow Al Gore and his chimera of climate change, it does so at its own peril. Sustainability and the free market can work in concert, but not if Al Gore is directing corporate behavior.”

  4. climatebob Says:

    There are good economic reasons for a company to prepare for the future. Cheap oil is a thing of the past and coal will soon become the pariah of the energy World so the more natural energy they have at their disposal the more secure they will be. Natural energy may have a slightly higher start up cost but the fuel is free and ongoing running costs very low.

  5. Kiwiiano Says:

    I have 8 different Apple products around the house and find that built-in obsolescence of the hardware is not the problem. It’s more likely that if something needs replacing it’s because the software has got beyond the hardware, which happens for all computers/cellphones/etc.
    The iPod Mini still provides the music, the old iMac will stay with Snow Leopard until Apple can reliably ensure 1000’s of AppleWorks Docs can be retrieved, my wife can still read email on her iBook, the iPad 2 might be upgraded to a Mini just for reading ebooks in bed, but otherwise does everything I ask of it. Reliability is not an issue.

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