Rhode Island Coastal Sea Level Challenge

February 25, 2014

5 Responses to “Rhode Island Coastal Sea Level Challenge”

  1. Pay now or pay later indeed. Residents of coasts pay heed. Miami is not the only city at risk.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      I waited before commenting on this thread, since I felt sure Omnutsos would have done his usual run to the head of the line or daveburton would have begun his Pavlovian spouting of nonsense when he saw “sea level” in the title. The village idiots have disappointed me, but maybe they will stay away and the rest of us can have an intelligent conversation.

      Peter is great at coming up with titles, and “coming to a coastline near you” says it all. I don’t know why this post hasn’t garnered any comments. Perhaps it’s because it speaks a self-evident truth for a significant portion of the world’s people, and most Crockers already know the facts. That over a billion people live at or near sea level and most of the world’s biggest cities are in danger from sealevel rise.

      I am working hard to convince my daughter and son-in-law to move from their present location in NJ. Sandy came within a foot of flooding the first floor of their house (and DID get into the garage and shed, where it did a few hundred dollars worth of damage). For many of their neighbors, it was “the coastline is coming to your house and beyond” and they incurred much more damage.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    I’m surprised Omnonutso hasn’t run to the head of the comment line here. And the mention of “sea level” usually has daveburton salivating a la Pavlov and chanting his usual horsepucky. Are we to be left alone to have an intelligent conversation on this thread?

    Peter is good at coming up with titles, but the “coming to a coastline near you” should really be stated “the coastline near you is coming to you”, since that’s what’s happening in so many places. The “coastline” in south Jersey came into my daughter’s garage during Sandy and another couple of hundred feet up the street towards higher ground.

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    Where are Omno and DB? Omno always tries to be first to comment and DB just can’t resist anything that mentions “sea level”. Are they on “timeout”?

    Peter is good at coming up with titles, but “coming to a coastline near you” could perhaps be restated as “the coastline near you is coming to you”. That happened to my daughter in south Jersey when Sandy came into her garage and another couple hundred feet up her street towards higher ground.

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