Right in the Pocket

February 16, 2014


12 Responses to “Right in the Pocket”

  1. Maybe we should do a study. Do smoke filled rooms stay climate controlled year round? Or do blackouts cause sweaty Congress?

  2. How can a major political party allow its self to be so connected, so attached to a ideology that defies the laws of thermodynamics?

    They will lose.

    My question is, how can they ever admit it?

    To be so wrong about something so consequential; it’s a death sentence, politically.

    So they’ll hang on tooth and nail in the face of everything. They have to.

    To acknowledge reality, to them, is to admit that Al Gore is right. They will never do that.

    If Gore is right, then they were wrong in 2000. Think about how impossible it is for them to admit that; all the wars, all the finical loss; it’s too much.

    • rayduray Says:

      Hi Bill,

      You might get a chuckle out of this report from Kansas where the Lege was considering outlawing sustainability. “Stupid is as stupid does.” 🙂


    • How can a major political party allow its self to be so connected, so attached to a ideology that defies the laws of thermodynamics?

      Both parties think they can import unlimited numbers of new people and not cause an ecological, economic and political collapse.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Are we back on the “kill the immigrants” tangent again with “importing unlimited numbers of new people”?

        The problem is too many people everywhere, and those people are employing run-amok capitalism and free marketing rapaciousness to “improve” their lot on earth. Put the short-sighted greed of the 1% and “big oil” on top of that and the results are inevitable.

        That’s what will cause an ecological, economic and political collapse. Way too many greedy “checkers” on a rather flimsy “checkerboard”. It doesn’t matter where they are “piled”, or what kind of power they use to generate their electricity, it’s merely the same old biological laws of population dynamics at work, except that unlike lemmings, humans run off metaphorical cliffs.

        • Are we back on the “kill the immigrants” tangent again

          What IS it with you liberals and your bloodthirstiness?  Closing the border doesn’t involve a shot fired.  Even enforcing deportation orders, cutting off social welfare benefits and using E-Verify to get illegal immigrants out of jobs harms nobody, it just makes them hop the bus for home.

          You’d think that in this time of record unemployment you’d have some sympathy for Americans looking for work, but you seem to project your hatred of Americans as the Americans’ view of immigrants.  Just like the liberal view of guns!

          The problem is too many people everywhere, and those people are employing run-amok capitalism and free marketing rapaciousness to “improve” their lot on earth.

          Haiti isn’t deforested because of “run-amok capitalism”.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Oh, my! I’ve set E-Pot off. I keep forgetting that he is humor, irony, hypocrisy, and hyperbole impaired (even though he has used a lot of that last one in this message with his “bloodthirsty liberals” and “projected hatred of Americans”).

            “Closing the border doesn’t involve a shot fired”, says E-Pot, driving “them” out of the country is “just making them hop the bus for home”, where they can then die. Out of sight, out of mind, says E-Pot.

            E-Pot shows his grasp of mindless conservative talking points with his “They’re stealing jobs from Americans!” BS, and throws in a totally irrelevant “Just like the liberal view of guns!” just to prove it beyond doubt. What IS the “liberal view of guns” that something is “just like”, E-Pot?

            “Haiti isn’t deforested because of “run-amok capitalism”, says E-pot. Perhaps not because of the latest Goldman-Sachs and Mitt Romney model, but anyone who is is at all familiar with history knows that Haiti was a Spanish and French colony built on the backs of slave labor—perhaps the ultimate expression of “capitalism”. The present sad situation in Haiti might not have occurred if the European “free-marketers” hadn’t seen it as a sacrifice zone to be exploited for profit, with all the turmoil that resulted (leading up to and including deforestation). Now that it has the lowest per capita income in the world, it is perhaps the only country that can compete with China wages-wise, and is beginning to attract attention as a place for the profit-seekers to establish factories—-we shall see how it fares under 21st. century capitalism.

            Do some googling E-Pot, and find some aerial photos of the Haiti-Dominican Republic border—-quite revealing.

        • Is it hyperbole enhanced rather than hyperbole impaired? But thats a fine detail. 🙂 FYI, Joshua S Hill I’m a Christian, a nerd, a geek, a liberal left-winger, and believe that we’re pretty quickly directing planet-Earth into hell in a handbasket!
          It takes all kinds. Speaking of kinds, Im done with a certain kind. Just another troll, nothing special. When the same lies are repeated despite contradiction, what else is left? At one point, I thought there was some restraint once shown proof, but what I see now is utter disregard. No point then. Time better spent elsewhere. Sometimes a denier might indicate an area for a future CC article, but sometimes canards are so worn out…. nobody is interested. And lies. You can see by the number of dwindling responses to him, that nobody is interested. Uknowispeaksense did make 20 dollar though. I guess thats something. 🙂

          • dumboldguy Says:

            I’d like to know who the fool was that took the bet that earned uknow $20. I have some underwater NC beachfront property to sell him (if daveburton doesn’t get there first)

  3. Cy Halothrin Says:

    No doubt that the Republicans are unabashedly in the pocket of Big Oil. But then again, is the Obama administration that much better?…


    But Obama gives good speeches. At least when sea levels rise and our cities are inundated, we can enjoy a warm fuzzy feeling from one of his inspiring talks. That’s certainly a comforting thought.

    • rayduray Says:


      Thanks for providing the link to Crooks And Liars. I’m gratified to see that they’ve come around. I recall that during the 2008 campaign that when I made a disparaging comment from the Left about Obama being a corporate shill that they banned me from their blog. It would appear that their analysis has matured. 🙂

      Harry Shearer on “Le Show” today introduced me to the early planning for Barack Obama’s Library. A three person board has been set up. Very tellingly, two of the three members are active in the private equity world. The third is a Washington operative. This looks like a pretty exclusive club of 1%ers to me. 🙂


    • What does “all of the above”‘mean? It doesn’t mean commitment to a sustainable, environmentally benign, future. It means status quo. Think about it. America with the highest oil production in decades. Shale gas. Whose policy is really ” Drill, baby, drill?” Wake up America.

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