Not Just California – China’s Water Crisis

February 12, 2014

Coal’s War on Water, and the climate changes exacerbating it, cross international boundaries.
The Fossil Fuel industry continues its fight to make the world safe for unlimited burning, but pesky human beings, other living species and their confounded “needs” to eat, drink, and breath, keep getting in the way.
We look forward to new technologies that will remove these obstacles.


4 Responses to “Not Just California – China’s Water Crisis”

  1. jimbills Says:

    “We look forward to new technologies that will remove these obstacles.”

    That sentence hits my button, of course. Human behavior drives these problems, and technology has only enhanced our abilities to exacerbate them.

    The only way to get more water is to create more energy. No type of technology will get around that. Of course, producing more energy will create more environmental problems.

    It’s not JUST coal that is creating China’s water problems. Hydropower is a big causal factor:

    “Already the largest producer of hydropower in the world, China plans to triple hydropower capacity by 2020. According to Ma Jun, the director of the Chinese NGO Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, many Chinese rivers simply won’t be running in 2020 if China meets its hydropower capacity goals.”

    For thousands of years, China has had a thriving culture and civilization. They’re throwing it all away for a few decades of material prosperity. And most of that prosperity is going to the top 1-5% Chinese, many of whom are conveniently securing exit visas in the meantime:

  2. rayduray Says:

    ClimateState provides an animation of what the continents would look like if there were no ice on the planet:

    From the perspective of China, this could be useful. As the rivers no longer flow to the sea, the obvious solution is to raise the seas to get to the shriveled rivers. QED.

    • Always appreciate the links you provide, rayduray. This one is especially professionally done, with terrific music – the perfect combination of urgency, awe, ambiguity, and beauty.

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