Climate Denier’s Bombshell Discovery: Extreme Weather Because of Gay Marriage

January 19, 2014


The UK Independent Party is a the wacky British equivalent of the Tea Party. They have various theories about why the Isles are taking a beating the last few years. Now one of their members has hit on something revolutionary.

It’s so obvious.


UK Independence party (Ukip) councillor has claimed that Britain’s recent storms and floods are “divine retribution for the government’s decision to legalise gay marriage.

David Silvester, who defected from the Tories in protest at David Cameron‘s support for same-sex unions, claimed he had warned the prime minister that the legislation would result in “disasters”.

The Henley-on-Thames councillor said that the country had been “beset by storms” since the passage of the new law on gay marriage because Cameron had acted “arrogantly against the Gospel”.

In a letter to the Henley Standard he wrote: “The scriptures make it abundantly clear that a Christian nation that abandons its faith and acts contrary to the Gospel (and in naked breach of a coronation oath) will be beset by natural disasters such as storms, disease, pestilence and war.

“I wrote to David Cameron in April 2012 to warn him that disasters would accompany the passage of his same-sex marriage bill

“But he went ahead despite a 600,000-signature petition by concerned Christians and more than half of his own parliamentary party saying that he should not do so.”

Blaming the prime minister for the bad weather, he added: “It is his fault that large swaths of the nation have been afflicted by storms and floods.

“He has arrogantly acted against the Gospel that once made Britain ‘great’ and the lesson surely to be learned is that no man or men, however powerful, can mess with Almighty God with impunity and get away with it for everything a nation does is weighed on the scaled of divine approval or disapproval.”

Ukip said the views expressed by Silvester were “not the party’s belief” but defended his right to state his opinions.

A party spokeswoman said: “If the media are expecting Ukip to either condemn or condone someone’s personal religious views they will get absolutely no response.

“Whether Jain or Sikh or Buddhist or Sufi or Zoroastrian or Jewish or Muslim or Baptist or Hindu or Catholic or Baha’i or Animist or any other mainstream or minor religion or movement, we are taught as a tolerant society to accept a diversity of ideologies.

Expect more of this.


27 Responses to “Climate Denier’s Bombshell Discovery: Extreme Weather Because of Gay Marriage”

  1. uknowispeaksense Says:

    Perhaps some of those homophobic desert countries should start allowing gay marriage. It might solve their water shortage problems.

  2. daveburton Says:

    “God sends rain on the just and the unjust, alike.” -Mat 5:45

    • jpcowdrey Says:

      “Just as the rain penetrates an ill-thatched house, so too passion* penetrates the uncollected mind.

      Just as rain does not penetrate a well-thatched house, so too passion does not penetrate a well-developed mind.”

      Dhammapada, 13-14

      *Specifically, the three poisons; Avarice, Hatred, and Delusion.

    • daveburton Says:

      In the meantime, on the far Left fringe, Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite writes that, “This frigid weather is another example of the kind of violent and abrupt climate change that results from global warming [because of] our sinful failure to take care of the creation, as God intends…”

      She makes about as much sense as Silvester.

      Rev. Thistlethwaite is a member of the UCC, a largely post-Christian, extremely liberal denomination, which might be why she doesn’t hesitate to contradict Christ with blatant climate fear-mongering. “You should be scared,” she writes, even though Christ told us just the opposite.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Thistlethwaite makes a whole lot more sense than Silvester, Dave. If there is a “god”, he s surely much more upset over the fact that the human race is hell-bent on destroying the entire planet and all living things on it than in whether or not there are a few gays among the humans. As for your rather mindless and weak quote “from Christ”, here’s one that speaks much more directly to the “blatant hypocrisy” that you endlessly spout on Crock.

        Matthew 7:1-29

        Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. …”

        • daveburton Says:

          Well, if I’ve accomplished nothing else today, at least I’ve got the Old Guy reading Scripture.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Sorry, Dave, but you have still accomplished nothing today. My “reading of scripture” has nothing to do with you. In fact, if you’re an example of what happens to someone who “reads scripture”, I may stop right this minute and never look at “scripture” again.

            (Maybe I can take my bible over to those good “christians” at Westover Baptist and they can burn it with the koran?).

        • “Oh Beautiful for smoggy skies, insecticided grain; For strip-mined mountain’s majesty above the asphalt plain; America, America, man sheds his waste on thee; And hides the pines with billboard signs, from sea to oily sea.” – George Carlin

  3. fortranprog Says:

    The UKIP’s spokesman on climate change is Lord Whathisname, need I say more

  4. […] The UK Independent Party is a the wacky British equivalent of the Tea Party. They have various theories about why the Isles are taking a beating the last few years. Now one of their members has hit…  […]

  5. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    As for the marriage of the UK Idiot Party and the Global Warming Pantomime Foundation…

  6. vierotchka Says:

    Is there no limit to the insanity of conservatives and to UKIP?

  7. joffan7 Says:

    The response from the UKIP could be shortened:

    “We defend our councillor’s right to be an idiot”.

  8. Nick Carter Says:

    Here is a Monckton lookalike having fun Down Under:

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Does anyone here besides me think that the Monckton lookalike’s playmate resembles daveburton? Google “Youtube Dave Burton offers one reason” and give Dave a mental haircut.

  9. daryan12 Says:

    On my blog I’ve regularly referred to UKIP as “the UK Tea party” as most of its councillors, etc. tend to be people with such extremist views they got expelled from the Tory party.

    I mean there spokesman on science is “screamin” lord Monckton!

    I’m wondering if I should apologize to the US tea party for linking them with such an extremist bunch of lunatics.

    • MorinMoss Says:

      In the US, the Tea Party has become the tail wagging the GOP elephant and it seems there is nothing that can get them kicked out except for losing seats, a difficult proposition in the fractured, gerrymandered current situation.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      “I’m wondering if I should apologize to the US tea party for linking them with such an extremist bunch of lunatics”.

      Don’t waste your time. They have little or no interest in what you or anyone else may think of them or say about them. They are focused on their agenda, period.

      I have been corresponding for years with a Tea Party “organizer” in “Middle America”. He says I am an “intel source” for what the ECIE (East Coast Intellectual Establishment) is thinking. I tell him that I am an ECIE missionary trying to save him from the devil. We have a lot of fun with all that and learn from each other.

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