Classic Crocks: Update From Easton Glacier

January 19, 2014

My first crowd-sourced science expedition was in August 2012, when I joined Dr. Mauri Pelto in the Northern Cascades range, just this side of the Canadian border, on Easton Glacier, a major ice slab on the south face of Mt Baker, an active volcano.

Dr. Pelto has been trekking these glaciers for 30 years, painstakingly compiling a record of snow fall, freeze, thaw, melt, and motion. Pelto is held in the highest regard by his peers, and working with him, you realize why.  The work is at once physically demanding,  overwhelming, even dangerous – and yet calls for the utmost in careful measure and method.

Part 2 of last week’s Skype conversation with Dr. Pelto is above.

44 Responses to “Classic Crocks: Update From Easton Glacier”

  1. INQUA has openly distanced itself from Morner. Its official stance is diametrically opposed to Morner and in line with established science that sea level is rising in reponse to global climate change. That is, they are honest and sane. James Randi is not challenging INQUA, just Morner and dowsing. More. Here from Guardian, directly debunks Morner. This is entertaining. Stonehead indeed. Looks like Stonehead doesn’t think. He just points to other people like Morner or DB whose minds are polluted with fallacy. Its just too stupid. Not much challenge here. The stupid, it burns. Yes.

  2. Hey, dumboldguy. Feel warmer now? My cat is done playing with this bird(brain) 🙂
    Is your cat still hungry?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      My “cat” is always hungry, and birdbrain is a mere snack. I too saw the good stuff about INQUA and other groups that fend Morner off as if he had “cooties” (oldguyterm meaning “disgusting head lice”).

      And that expert reviewer stuff with Dave is old news. It’s just part of his being “a legend in his own mind”.

      Say Goodnight, Christopher. (If you remember Laugh-In)

      • Apparently, jd has marginalized himself to the point that nobody is interested besides you and I, and even then, not that much. He’s back to denying CO2 causes GW. It’s harder to answer a stupid denial, than an intelligent one. You have to think like a simpleton. Peter just said post away, you are a poster boy for the dim witted, a humiliating example of how far wrong and how daft deniers can be. Plucky, stone head, not too bright, immediately obliges, proffering a dubious source, discredited and disavowed by the professional organization, with bad research, and embarrassing dowsing beliefs. In the end, all of his nonsense has been thoroughly trashed at skeptical science. Just say debunk number 21. You surely don’t need to worry about many taken in by his nonsense. That’s what stone head is too thick to realize. He is causing the opposite of his intention. Ibid DB. Really. Are you interested in discussing does CO2 cause GW? Not me. Even a cat gets tired of a sluggish bird and finds something more lively to play with 🙂

  3. I have new acronym. ADE. Already debunked elsewhere. point to a number at skeptical science or a CC video. Like the joke about people in bars that just tell jokes by shouting numbers.

  4. For some hilarity, read the Guardian article. Monbiot claims a possible record for the most ridiculously distorted graph attempting to prove sea level is not rising. They tilted the graph to make the trace flat! 🙂 this is Monty Python stuff.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Yes, we all know a dead parrot when we see one, and Swallow is the non-walking, non-talking, non-thinking personification of a dead parrot.


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