There’s Dirt Stupid, and then There’s Fox Stupid

January 17, 2014



9 Responses to “There’s Dirt Stupid, and then There’s Fox Stupid”

  1. philip64 Says:

    Stupidity? Or simply deceit?

    A bit of both perhaps – sorry, I mean a lot of both.

  2. Thanks for posting this Peter! It’s unfair and unbalanced spin to win.

    News story: The Obama family’s new pet is a Portuguese Water Dog.

    Fox’s take: So why are the Obamas against American dog breeds, anyway?

    “We report, you decide” should be, “We decide, you go along.”

  3. neilrieck Says:

    Last week I heard a piece on NPR (based upon the book “The Loudest Voice In The Room”) which provides a glimpse into FOX NEWS and, how FOX affects Republican Politics. Give it a listen then make up your own mind.

  4. ubrew12 Says:

    “Crazy Like a Fox” was supposed to mean something else…

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  6. Gingerbaker Says:

    Fox is not stupid. It is propaganda. Stop evaluating it like it was a legitimate news organization.

    And there is no reason to let it stay on the air. It is a corporation, and like all corporations, is subject to having its charter revoked. And media corporations have an obligation to act in the public interest as part of their charter.

    Let’s start talking about pulling the charter of propaganda mills.

  7. miffedmax Says:

    I’m still not sure why getting our energy from giant corporations like BP and Exxon/Mobil is good, but energy from giant corporations GE and Siemens is communism. But then again not being able to figure out Fox probably reflects well on my own sanity.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Don’t get “miffed”, “max”, but any reasonably sane person should be able to “figure out Fox”. Keep working at it—Media Matters is a great place to go for information on on the unrelenting Fauxness of Fox.

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