Music Break: Dave Van Ronk – Green, Green Rocky Road

December 9, 2013

Icon of the Great Folk Scare of the 1960s, Dave Van Ronk, does his signature piece.

Reportedly, Van Ronk  was the inspiration for the Coen Brother’s new film.


4 Responses to “Music Break: Dave Van Ronk – Green, Green Rocky Road”

  1. daveburton Says:

    “The Great American Folk Scare” – never heard that expression before. 🙂

    The line “hooka tooka soda cracker, does your momma chew tobacca” is from Chubby Checker or Judy Henske:

    Judy Henske version:

    Chubby Checker version:

  2. Another little known factoid regarding Dave Van Ronk: He composed the popularly recognized guitar chord sequence for Woody Guthrie’s ‘House of the Rising Sun’. The Am-C-D-F-C-Am-C progression was subsequently ‘borrowed’ by Eric Burden and the Animals, as well as Bob Dylan. Although I’m not clear on that chronology of who adopted it first, or second. But they made it famous and poor Dave was accused of ripping it off
    I heard that particular story from Dave himself on the little backstage they had at Tacoma Records, in Santa Monica, 1970’s. It was one of those rare times I ditched high school to get a real piece of culture.
    Thanks for jolting that memory 😉

  3. I can’t believe I never heard of Judy Henske. My kind I’d delightful irreverence.

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