Massive Storm Hits Northern Europe

December 6, 2013

Second time in a month. 140 mph winds this time.

Euro readers – weigh in.

23 Responses to “Massive Storm Hits Northern Europe”

  1. philip64 Says:

    The fact that this storm has hit within hours of the British government announced cuts to subsidies for on-shore wind and solar power is an irony that will only become more striking with time.

  2. Rachel Says:

    There were no power outages in York, UK as far as I know but there are lots of tree branches everywhere and I got blown off my bicycle. The storm has gone now and it’s a calm, sunny day today.

  3. Northern Germany is not New Orleans. The levees did their job.

  4. NevenA Says:

    Last time the Netherlands saw two major storms in 1 year was in 2002. According to insurers this second storm has caused damages between 5 and 10 million euros.

  5. stephengn1 Says:

    They’re calling it Xaver

    The last three weeks alone of extreme weather/climate events:

    1. November 17 – Three months worth of rain in two hours in arid Riyadh Saudi Arabia causes extreme flooding

    2. November 17 – Deadliest and most violent tornado outbreak on record for the month of November strikes Illinois.

    3. Mid November – after weeks of rain in the Quang Ngai province of Vietnam, flood waters rose above previous flood record set in 1999, leaving 80,000 homeless

    4. Mid November – ‘Apocalyptic’ rains of up to 17 inches per hour cause unbelievable flooding in Sardinia

    …many other outlier events (or additions to outlier trends).

    When will we stop the hear no climate, see no climate and speak no climate crowd?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      “When will we stop the hear no climate, see no climate and speak no climate crowd?”

      Likely not until we have passed some tipping points and things are spinning out of control (and perhaps beyond fixing).

      I have my torch and pitchfork ready, and I have NOT cleaned off the times after forking all the denialist troll horsepucky we have been exposed to lately. (Remember how the VC often coated those punji sticks with something extra?)

  6. Oh, c’mon… I can see in a reflection in the window that behind the photographer is a soccer stadium. What you climate alarmists won’t do to absolve British football fans!

  7. […] Second time in a month. 140 mph winds this time. Euro readers – weigh in.  […]

  8. kingdube Says:

    It’s all explained here:

    • dumboldguy Says:

      You were correct when you said “all explained here” and showed us NOTHING. Then you had to post the world’s longest URL TWICE to show us NOTHING?

      I like KIng DUPE. I have been using king-DUH, myself.

      Actually King DUMB works also, although it is somewhat insulting. Of course the question then comes up—-“What level of intelligence is required of the recipient before insults are recognized”? We may be safe using “all of the above”.

  9. fortranprog Says:

    I am old enough to remember the 1953 North Sea flood which killed at least 1,836 people and was described as a once in 500 year event, seems this was as bad if not worse, but thankfully the European North Sea countries have learnt and built defences and have prevented the large loss of life this time around. Strange coincidence (or was it ?) I was thinking of the 1953 flood (especially the damage to Hunstanton (a resort town I visited a lot in those days, where the tide just came in and in destroying everything) ) recently after attending a lecture by change scientist Dr Jim Salinger, which included the prognosis of more frequently expected extreme events.

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