IPCC Video Summary of New Report

November 27, 2013

Well produced short doc summarizing the current report.

4 Responses to “IPCC Video Summary of New Report”

  1. Alan Olson Says:

    One must produce in High Definition to hold the audience. This video is not at all crisp enough for comfortable viewing. Good show tho.

  2. Alan it is in HD and even has 1080HD. Check your YouTube settings. Looks fine to me.

  3. Excellent video summary. They should put more money into making the science presentable like this, perhaps an updated report every year including a summary of new science that confirms the continued warming and confidence in its unprecedented rate of change. They should also include some general statistics in these about land use changes (deforestation) as well as serious climate incidents and new records.

  4. MorinMoss Says:

    That was very well done and it’s good to be introduced to some of the other leading scientists.
    Spend too much time in Denierland and you start thinking it’s all a plot hatched by Gore, Gavin, Cook and Trenberth.

    Did anyone notice how much John A. Church sounds like Michael Caine?

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