Hunger Strike at Climate Summit: Excerpts from Phillipine Delegate’s Speech at Warsaw Climate Meeting

November 12, 2013

Philippines delegate Naderev (Yeb) Saño, announces his decision to go on hunger strike on the first day of the COP19 Climate Change Summit in Poland, 11 November 2013.

Making an impassioned plea for action by the conference, he said that he would be fasting in solidarity with his country-folk until action to prevent climate change is forthcoming.

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18 Responses to “Hunger Strike at Climate Summit: Excerpts from Phillipine Delegate’s Speech at Warsaw Climate Meeting”

  1. redskylite Says:

    That is the saddest and most powerful speech I’ve heard.

  2. Good for Naderev (Yeb) Saño. Maybe he will find truth about the scam of AGW and see that earth is the powerful master and humans are a mere pimple and not the cause when he is in the delirium caused by lack of food. I can bet he won’t stop his water intake. Most lefties are chicken at heart. They kill others but preserve their own life.

  3. Peter Sinclair is the CROCK of the week. Who is Peter anyway? Is he a scientist?? I seriously doubt it. Big storms are part of our world, so don’t try to BS us into believing this storm is out of the range of earth history. Sorry Peter, but I call BS. Pete?? Are you flying to the PI to help?? I have already sent $$ to help. Can you say the same? So please don’t lobby to tax me and other people around the world for a useless cause to STOP GW. Let’s use our $ to help rather than let GOVT steal our $ to feed their killing machine.

  4. Moderate my comment Pete. I bet I won’t see them tomorrow. CENSORSHIP of the truth is the lefty way. And you repeat the lie over and over and over until the masses believe

  5. omnologos Says:

    This makes one wonder about the quality of the delegates at the climate summits.

    Climate change is like representative politics, the people who put their names forward are the ones that shouldn’t be dealing with it.

    • Phillip Shaw Says:

      Are you criticizing Delegate Sano or praising him? Your comment is ambiguous.

      • omnologos Says:

        Sano is insanely trying to go beyond any acceptable science, exposing his side to facile ripostes such as “look at the ACE” and “it snowed early in XXX”.

        A delegate trying to make political capital of the dead and dying in his own country, is not a good delegate.

        • Do you have a heart in that tin can you call your chest? And you wonder why people ‘misunderstand you’, because you say stuff like this every time you put your fingers to your keyboard, as far as I can tell.

          • omnologos Says:

            I could just ask the same…people are suffering and the answer to their suffering cannot ever besomething like ‘let’s get some political advantage out of it’

            Even Borenstein and his interviewee Kerry Emanuel understand that. There is nothing COP can do to prevent future deaths unless and until bigger issues than climate change are solved, starting from how to make typhoon-prone countries resilient to typhoons.

          • David Minor Says:

            I wondered how long it would take him to chime in with some revolting sophistry. What an idiotic thing to say – more resiliant to typhoons? This is a category 5 typhoon – by definition absolutely nothing is resistant to a category 5. What does he suggest – moving entire cities underground? Does he think any country in the world would handle constant bombardment by category 5 storms gracefully?
            Just another utterly typical peice of time wasting bullshit, and now the human cost of this bullshit is starting to show, he’s trying to spin desparate acts such as this as “exploiting a disaster for political gain”. Absolutely sickening.

        • Did you listen to what he said? He said the typhoon made landfall in his home town. And he said he doesn’t know if his family survived, except for his brother who reached out afterwards. And that his brother hasn’t eaten in 3 days.

          How is this trying to make political capital of the dead? He’s talking about the situation VERY personally. Is every word a person says at one of these conventions cold and calculating, in your view, or is that a projection you’re putting on other people?

          And I have to disagree with you about using a situation like this to gain traction on a very serious issue, whose face looks a lot like this disaster. Far worse to ignore climate change and let the weather go crazy, with all it means for loss of lives, livelihoods and homes, than to use this super-typhoon as a rallying cry to do something before it’s too late.

          The ‘let’s do nothing because there are uncertainties’ position is far more callous and disregarding of human suffering.

          • omnologos Says:

            who said we shouldn’t do anything? But of course we should do what saves lives today and tomorrow. So first of all make the Philippines more resilient to typhoons, because there will be typhoons in 2014 and even the most rabid believer in Pachauri knows no deal of any sort will protect the people of the Philippines in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, etc etc (up to when, pick a year, I’ll let you decide).

            it’s like finding a person with pulmonary cancer and almost unable to breath, and then deciding to “save” her by suggesting some chemotherapy a couple of months down the line. Who would do that? FIRST you help the person breathe. Then you can see what else to do.

            FIRST you make sure the Philippines get as good as India (that’s not much really, but still a lot better than now) in protecting people from the inevitable onslaught of the nearest future. That’s the exact opposite of In-Sano’s ideas.

  6. David Smith Says:

    I presume this chap flew by plane to get to this UN gab-fest? Why didn’t he just broadcast his speech on the net so they could put it up on a big screen for them all to coo over?
    …he can go on hunger strike but he still uses fossil fuels to get to his soap box.
    What a hypocrite, just like all those other delegates who flew to this climate love-in. Haven’t they heard of the tele-conference? Email? Skype? Web-cams? The internet?
    Of course they have, but producing a carbon-footprint bigger than Texas isn’t going to stop this lot enjoying their UN junket.
    Another case of do as I say, not as I do.

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