Interfaith Dialogue on Climate Change

November 8, 2013

Above, just one example of many interfaith conversations about the implications of climate change.

Like Groucho, I wouldn’t belong to any club that would have me as a member. I don’t think the churches – or the atheists, for that matter, would tolerate me for long.
But this dialogue among faiths is important, because spiritual traditions are not going away anytime soon. What is needed is to encourage a respect for truth, and for science as a tool for revealing truth.  Below, I’ve posted sad evidence of what happens when a respect for truth and fact is lost.

If, in the process, the conferees learn more about accepting each other as human beings, well that’s a plus, too.


3 Responses to “Interfaith Dialogue on Climate Change”

  1. Where is the post regarding where truth and fact are lost?

  2. tildeb Says:

    Atheists (generally) only ask one question be answered truthfully: Is this claim you make true (justified by evidence adduced from the reality we share) and how can you tell? You’d make a fine atheist if you didn’t then try to accommodate those who cannot answer this question without invoking causal agencies of Oogity Boogity empowered with the divine wand of POOF!ism.

  3. At first I didn’t follow: “Below, I’ve posted sad evidence of what happens when a respect for truth and fact is lost.”

    Ah, I get it, you meant in the previous post!

    Not to worry, senility is advancing slowly. I’ll just have one of my sons lead me away 🙂

    Thanks for this posting Peter.

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