New Video: Mann and Rahmstorf on IPCC 2013

November 5, 2013

In Reykjavik last month, I had the chance to interview Mike Mann and Stefan Rahmstorf at length. Both are former IPCC authors, Mann is Professor of Geosciences at Penn State U, where he is Director of the Earth System Science Center,  and is well known for his paleo-temperature reconstruction, the famous “Hockey Stick” graph.

Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf is an Oceanographer at Potsdam University in Germany. Both men are founders of the “RealClimate” blog.

I was able to include a lot of footage shot with the help of Phil Coates, an actual professional with a camera, meaning – good lighting, and good sound.  The difference in quality is shocking, in a good way.  Special thanks is also due to Gudni Elisson, organizer of the Earth 101 event which brought us all together in Iceland.

Also, this is the first of what I hope will be many videos produced with support from the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, and the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

For anyone that wants a quick, credible intro to what’s in the new report – this should get them started.

The new report Summary for Policy Makers is here.


4 Responses to “New Video: Mann and Rahmstorf on IPCC 2013”

  1. redskylite Says:

    Another great re-enforcement work, of great interest to me the UNEP has just issued an emission gap report for 2013 , with suggestions for bridging the gap, agriculture has a significant part to play :

    Click to access EmissionsGapReport%202013_high-res.pdf

  2. Perfect!

    I’m putting it into tonight’s PCN feed.

    More! Give us more stuff like this!

    Thanks so much Peter!

    Larry Oliver
    a/k/a/ @tweetingdonal

  3. andrewfez Says:

    Off topic:

    With only 3.5% votes left to count, looks like the governor’s race in Virginia won’t go to climate denialist Ken Cuccinelli, and they’ll instead get the other guy, McAuliffe, who I know nothing about, save that he might be a corporate lap dog.

    Cuccinelli used his elected power to harass Mike Mann about old email, climategate style, so I spent a few minutes here and there over the last few weeks spamming the YouTube videos about the VA governor’s race, reminding folks he was a climate denialist. This one poor lawyer thought I was arguing with him a month or so ago, when in fact, I was just flooding the page with climate talking points, using his responses as an excuse to continue to post.

    Now we need some polls to see what actually swayed the voters in the blue direction.

    You’d be surprised what motivates a person to vote a particular way out in the countryside: one lady who was asked said her dad always voted Republican so she too will do the same (to honor him). Maybe country folk don’t mind that the price of food may go up to $6, 7, 8K a person in real terms, decades from now as they can always grow tomatoes out back and clean out the trout, brim, and bass from the state’s supposedly catch-n-release ponds and streams, and keep pulling in those SNAP/EBT dollars, like they presently do. Or maybe they won’t make the connection when the state tax goes up a few clicks to pay for coastal preservation and adaptation methods, etc. Most likely they don’t care because it’s not yet affecting them…

  4. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Yet another great video!

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