Music Break: Same Love by Macklemore

October 19, 2013

This video, short film really – has probably done as much for the cause of sexual equality as years of pronouncements and pontificating by pundits and politicians. It’s had almost 90 million views. That it’s something with substance beyond the piano playing hamster or stupid titillating one off, that’s even more amazing.

I’d never heard this before, since I’m a wonky NPR type – but happened to be driving in an area where I couldn’t find the NPR station – wound up tuning to WJZQ Traverse City.

I saw this artist on the cover of Rolling Stone a while ago, and wondered if this guy is so great how come I never heard of him?

Now I know.  The female voice heard above, by the way, is Mary Lambert.

And here’s another memorable piece.


3 Responses to “Music Break: Same Love by Macklemore”

  1. 1happywoman Says:


    Here’s the Tiny Desk Concert, if you haven’t already found it:

    My favorite Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song is Thrift Shop. It’s got a great environmentalist message that buying used stuff is cooler than buying new stuff:

    I love your work.


  2. 1happywoman Says:

    P.S. I should’ve warned that Thrift Shop includes “bad words”–NSFW.


  3. And he promots recycling from ur local thrift shops… Watch that music vid for some cheer factor. Bad Lang warning.

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