Jason Box: Weather Channel Interview on Ice and Sea Level Rise

October 12, 2013

Significant statements on sea level rise, and the shortcomings of IPCC projections.

3 Responses to “Jason Box: Weather Channel Interview on Ice and Sea Level Rise”

  1. redskylite Says:

    It is easier to be conservative and underestimate climate change problems like sea level rise and avoid being labelled an “alarmist” especially in the face of so many giving so much credence and media time to the so called 2012 hiatus report (thank you Mr Rose and Ms. Curry for the “stadium wave” effect on this one).

  2. jimbills Says:

    The rainbow:

    The Uncertain = where’s my Xbox? Dern, Miley is one hot skank.

    Deniers = the scientific consensus is wrong (for an almost infinite number of diverse and often contradictory reasons), the feedbacks will be mostly negative, any warming will be minimal and beneficial.

    Scientists = hey man, we’re just doing the science, here. Here are my data points if you’re interested.

    Consensus on science = the science is right, if still incomplete, the atmosphere and oceans are warming, most of this warming is due to manmade GG emissions and deforestation, warming trends will continue with increased emissions, negative feedbacks are being observed and will likely amplify these warming trends, while warming can have some positive impacts, there are many negative impacts – such as stress on species, rising sea levels, and heightened extreme weather events.

    Wigley and Santer Find the IPCC is too Conservative on AGW

    Warmists (hey, if we use ‘denier’ as a term we might as well adopt the denier phraseology towards our type): the scientific consensus is largely right, but there is great cause for concern that warming trends can amplify with increased positive feedbacks, humans must reduce GG emissions and deforestation to reduce the impacts of climate change.

    Doomers = the scientific consensus is wrong as it is far too conservative, feedbacks will all be positive and sudden, human extinction is possible to certain as a result, don’t bother writing your last will and testament.

  3. On Jim’s scale I am a doomer

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