What’s Funnier than a Climate Denier at a Science Fair?

October 10, 2013

The League of Conservation Voters strikes again with a funny video featuring a climate denying Dad who crashes his daughter’s science fair.
Oceanographer Josh Willis has a cameo.


8 Responses to “What’s Funnier than a Climate Denier at a Science Fair?”

  1. […] The League of Conservation Voters strikes again with a funny video featuring a climate denying Dad who crashes his daughter's science fair. Oceanographer Josh Willis has a cameo.  […]

  2. omnologos Says:

    another video for the faithful. what’s behind such insatiable demand?

    ps I prefer candid cameras of people signing dihydrogen monoxide petitions 🙂

  3. Jean Mcmahon Says:

    You would think there would be groups that could give a prie to the student that has the best Climate Change science project..I brought this up to various groups on my state..most said :Good idea and that was it

  4. I’m pretty well full on board with AGW but, I’m sorry …maybe it’s just me but …this video seems to badly miss the mark and is somewhere between lame and cringe-worthy.

  5. andrewfez Says:

    It only makes sense when you realize most folks don’t have the capacity to make decisions based on probabilities which are functions of mathematically reasonable analysis of the dynamics of a complex system. Most folks don’t have the capacity to know for themselves, through solely their own logic and scientific understanding, if climate change is real or not. They have to trust the experts; and are entirely dependent on them, just like most folks would be entirely dependent on a medical specialist to design a good treatment for their ailment.

    Incidentally the PR folks that work for the tobacco, chemical, utility, fossil industries, etc. know this – that’s why they target the science and scientists’ credibility.

    Therefore to bring about change by way of majority rule, you need cultural and social momentum, to sway folks that can’t ‘get it’ logically. I’ve heard there are some folks that make decisions based on emotional stimuli; a bit foreign to me, but that’s probably why I don’t have a wife. And there are folks who make decisions based on social popularity cues: just look at the disproportionate amount of folks who listen only to pop music versus those that listen only to classical music, one of the greatest constructs of the human mind, both in an emotional and intellectual sense.

    I would imagine this video is targeting those types of people. It seems insane and distasteful, but in order to reduce the probability that the planet will run too far in the red, you almost have to win a propaganda war, as the balance of ‘what’s good for me today?’ and ‘what’s good for me thirty, forty or fifty years from today?’ is skewed toward the former for folks that live both in the moment and in a scientific desert.

  6. andrewfez Says:

    And in the vein of my last sentiments I’ll bring you this:


    Tens of thousands flee as cyclone half the size of India threatens east coast

    * Risk to life and extensive damage expected

    * Tens of thousands to be evacuated from low-lying coastal areas

    * Major port handling oil cargoes closed

    * Reliance does not expect gas field to be hit

    • MorinMoss Says:

      Half the size of India?
      Assuming that’s not an exaggeration, then Cyclone Phailin must be 1200 miles in diameter.

      • andrewfez Says:

        It looks pretty big on a radar map. I looked at it on weather underground’s site. Google searches have things like ‘250,000 evacuated’ or ‘500,000 evacuated’.

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