Mike Mann: Crusades Against Science 101

October 9, 2013


Dr. Michael Mann is a world-renowned climate scientist and former University of Virginia professor. This animated interview recounts the grievances Prof. Mann faced at the hand of gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, and details the threats to all Virginians caused by climate change.

“Virginia Climate Voters” is a video featuring young Virginians talking about the importance of their vote relative to climate action.

The Virginia election is being closely watched, because the Democratic candidate for Governor, Terry Mcaullife, has made climate change, and the anti-science campaigns waged by Tea Party extremist Ken Cuccinelli, an important part of the campaign.  If this plays in Virginia, expect to see a lot more in the coming mid-terms.

2 Responses to “Mike Mann: Crusades Against Science 101”

  1. philip64 Says:

    Mike Mann is an inspiration. Cuccinelli is… the opposite. History will only remember the former, for the best of reasons.

  2. kingdube Says:

    I too am disappointed in Cuccinelli for failing to expose the fraud.

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