Wind Turbine Syndrome is Bullshit – DownUnder Edition

October 6, 2013

Above, see interviews with landowners around Australian wind turbines where an outside group of right wing fossil fuel interests has been trying to create the illusion of negative effects, health and economic, of wind energy. Take a listen to the actual voices of wind turbine hosts.

I live near one of the midwest’s largest wind arrays in central Michigan.  The turbines have been nothing but benefit to the local communities, and  those that visit the area remark how well the turbines fit into the landscape. In addition, renewable energy is coming in cheaper and more reliable than even some supporters would have envisioned just a few years ago.

Detroit Free Press:

A draft report being circulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission says that, contrary to the dire warnings of electric utilities .., the costs of generating renewable energy are plunging.

Produced at the behest of (Republican) Gov. Rick Snyder, the PSC report says the surcharge that utilities have been levying on their customers to finance the transition to renewable power sources — such as wind and solar — could shrink to zero by 2014, “because project costs are, in some cases, essentially equivalent to conventional generation.”

The Glenn Beck crowd is eventually going to be drowned out by normal folk who begin noticing that communities with wind turbines tend to have better services, better roads, better schools, higher incomes, lower taxes, and plenty of birds, thank you.  Those folks will begin wondering who is lying about renewable energy, and why.

44 Responses to “Wind Turbine Syndrome is Bullshit – DownUnder Edition”

  1. Mic Fidelity Says:

    Yeah, sure. Whatever you say in your soothing bureaucratic voices must be the Truth(tm). You liars haven’t visited any of these complainers and you sound as idiotic as CO2 deniers.

    Here’s what the oft-mentioned “sneakers in a dryer” sound is like:

    Wind farms aren’t noisy, are they?

    Go live near them and try to sling your fake propaganda.

    I could also get into what they look like, which is a bigger issue than noise, overall. We are being subject to a world where we’ll not be able to avoid seeing them. Any illusions of wide open spaces will be lost. I’m sure you liars have plenty of excuses in your kit bag for that scenario, though.

  2. Note that delivery drones are causing irritating noise, and when people complain they get the same smug denials that this blog puts out. Everything’s about money and expediency, as usual.

    Unlike wind turbines, those drones don’t product much infrasound but are bad enough. Get past your shallow “green” tribalism and some of this might sink in.

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