Earth 101, Reykjavik

September 30, 2013

I’ll be flying today, so posting sporadically.

I’m going to the Earth 101 event in Reykjavik, a collaboration between the University of Iceland and the Reykjavik International Film Festival, focused on communicating climate change thru film and video. Mike Mann and Stefan Rahmstorf, as well as a host of amazingly accomplished other folk. I’m very lucky to have made the cut.

I’ll be presenting in a couple of formal venues, hope there will be some time to get together in smaller groups to get to know some of these folks. In addition, I’ll be sharing living quarters with Phil Coates, an internationally renowned Arctic photographer/filmmaker, from whom I’ve already learned a lot long distance. We hope to take a few days after the conference to get out in the boondocks and look around, as well.


8 Responses to “Earth 101, Reykjavik”

    • greenman3610 Says:

      if we stop burning coal, and revamp our buildings and electric utilities for efficiency and
      renewables, only then will it make sense to tackle the relatively small, (but rapidly growing)
      footprint from air travel.
      Indeed, making transportation more efficient thru high speed trains etc will
      displace plane travel as well as auto travel.
      by this logic, climate scientists should not use computers or the internet.

  1. astrostevo Says:

    Have a safe and happy journey. Have fun.

    Can’t wait to hear how its gone and what you’ve learnt.

  2. climatebob Says:

    You are a very good communicator and should do more. I liked your lecture on your experience with Jason Box. I hope you can give us a good visual report of your trip as we would like to hear about it. Enlist a camera man when you get there. There should be plenty about.

  3. Nick Carter Says:


    You’ve definitely paved the way and set the bar for many!

    Keep up the great work.

  4. redskylite Says:

    Sounds like a sensible event and you will be in good company, I like your site and your interpretation on things – communications is key, so wish the event all success

  5. And don’t worry about the carbon footprint of your flight there, the plane’s going anyway.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      exactly, that particular meme is a red herring. we don’t gain anything by opting out of the dialogue.

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