Harry Reid Connects Colorado Floods To Climate Change

September 17, 2013

While scientists will be taking their time to analyze the meaning and causes of the Colorado event, we know by this time that  in the pubic mind, huge weather anomalies have become synonymous with climate change. And maybe that’s correct.

In any case, its now entered the political conversation.


 We should be facing the reality of climate change. Look what happened in Colorado. I talked to Senator Bennet yesterday, he said the floods were “biblical.” In one part of Colorado, it rained 12 inches in two hours. I can’t imagine that.

Fires all over the West — climate change is here. I met with the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh. They don’t know what they’re going to do with the rise of the sea, which is taking place. That country has no place — no high ground. It’s that way all over the world. Marshall Islands — 1,000 islands make up the Marshall Islands. Fifty-five thousand people live there. These islands are being washed away with these new waves they’ve never seen before.

Climate change is here. We’re doing nothing about it. They’re spending all our time, the American taxpayer’s time, trying to repeal a law that’s been in effect for four years.

“Climate change is here,” Reid said. “We’re doing nothing about it.”

4 Responses to “Harry Reid Connects Colorado Floods To Climate Change”

  1. omnologos Says:

    He’s right, he’s doing nothing about it.

  2. Good for Senator Reid. Judging from Breitbart’s exuberant reader comments, they’re not quite ready to join the conversation.

  3. He says that the Colorado floods are connected to climate change…

    yet he STILL tries to eliminate nuclear power (which generates roughly 10x as much electricity in the USA as wind + solar do despite decades of political and regulatory obstruction and outright harassment).

    His constitutents in the area want Yucca Mountain to open, to provide jobs.  His constituents elsewhere don’t have a dog in the fight (won’t be affected).  Yet he is resolutely opposed.  Who’s he working for?  Not his constituents.

    Harry Reid is part of the problem.

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