Hands On Solar in the Midwest

September 11, 2013

I’ll be talking this evening at the Erb Institute of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, so not much time to post right now.
Right down the road from the Ross School, in Ypsilanti, (IP-sul-ANti) Dave Strenski has been busily installing solar panels for the last several years.

Here he discusses the nuts and bolts of solar tech from economics to install in the cloudy midwest.  The Utility companies could be leading this revolution instead of running from it – but until they get that memo, it’s guys like Dave who are at the pointy end of the spear.


Solar power has been growing in this country at a tremendous rate over the past few years, and Ypsilanti is ahead of the curve in embracing it. Dave will explain the basics of photovoltaic power: how to install grid-tied systems, the economics of solar power in Michigan, and why you should consider a solar installation on your building. This lively talk will also describe an ambitious new goal to dramatically increase the number of solar installations in Ypsilanti by 2020, and make Ypsilanti a “Solar Destination”.

Dave has degrees in Surveying, Civil and Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech. Currently he works as an applications analyst for Cray Inc., which designs and manufactures high performance computers. Dave started playing with solar power in 2005 when he founded SolarYpsi, a group of volunteers that design and install photovoltaic systems locally. SolarYpsi’s primary function is to help people understand how solar power works. The SolarYpsi.org website was created by EMU alumni Nik Estep and has been visited by people from around the world. The SolarYpsi video made by Google has been viewed by a ¼ million people.


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