John Abraham to His Supreme Excellency “Lord” Monckton. Put Up. Or Shut Up.

August 29, 2013

UPDATE: Well that didn’t take long.
Guess what. His Exuberant Excellence decided to cut and run, but not shut up. (see bottom of post)

Well, here’s the biggest open secret of this little exercise.

Climate realists don’t really want His Glorious Eminence to shut up. In fact, we want him to continue to be what he is –  the leading proponent of science denial,  the perfect, truest face of the anti-science community, the full-on, Barack-Obama-was-born-in-Kenya I-have-found-a-cure-for-AIDS-and-the-common-cold-its-all-a-NASA-plot-and-I’m-a-member-of-the-House-of-Lords-don’t-listen-to-those-people-at-the-actual-House-of-Lords-who-say-I’m-not-and-I-advised-Maggie Thatcher-and-won-a-Nobel-prize shining, raving, epitome of all those values that the anti-science, Fox-impaired, reality-challenged community hold dear to their hearts.


John Abraham, a Professor of Thermal Sciences at the University of St. Thomas and a Guardian Environment blogger, has challenged the loud-mouthed potty peer,Lord Christopher Monckton, to put his money where his mouth is. Abraham offers Monckton two bets to provide proof of his outlandish and wrong claims about global warming, with all proceeds headed for a “charity that deals with climate issues.”

Read Abraham’s challenge letter below:

Dear Mr. Monckton,

I understand that you’ve claimed Earth’s temperatures will likely decrease by 0.5oC in two years, but most certainly by 2020.  Specifically, you stated this on a website:

“Meanwhile, enjoy what warmth you can get. A math geek with a track-record of getting stuff right tells me we are in for 0.5 Cº of global cooling. It could happen in two years, but is very likely by 2020. His prediction is based on the behavior of the most obvious culprit in temperature change here on Earth – the Sun.”

Here is the link:

I am calling your claim.  I challenge you to a $1000 bet on both.  Specifically,

1.     I challenge you to a $1000 bet that the Earth temperature will not drop 0.5 C in two years

2.     I challenge you to a second $1000 bet that the Earth temperature will not drop 0.5 C by 2020

Let’s keep stipulations as few as possible.  My only requirement is that any major volcanic eruptions would make the bet void.  I will let you choose the temperature dataset (NASA GISTEMP, NOAA, HADCRUT4).  Any reputable data set of land-ocean surface temperatures.  I will let you choose the starting year of 2012 or 2013.  Obligations to pay can be based off our word and the publicity of this challenge.  If you require payment to be sent to a third party ahead of time, I will gladly oblige.

Please respond at your earliest convenience, I am anxious to finalize this agreement.  Please be assured that if you decline this wager, I will make your declination public.

Can we agree to donate the money to a charity that deals with climate issues.  Selected by winner of the wager.

Cheers, As Always

Dr. John Abraham


University of St. Thomas


His Gracious and Benevolent Grandiosity, of course, has been challenged before, and managed, with the help of his enablers, to run for the hills.

I’ll confess it might be that I gave His Most Exquisite and Infundibulous Luminosity the loophole he was looking for.

A couple years ago, the climate science blogger Peter Hadfield (Potholer54)  had engaged His Astounding and Resplendent Illustriousness in a series of back-and-forth comments on the anti-science blog Watts Up With That.  Things went along, and pretty soon there was a challenge of a debate, on the pages of WUWT, in front of God and everybody, where anyone that wished to could immediately check all references and citations. (utter death to climate denialists)

So. Now WUWT granfalloon Anthony Watts had a situation on his hands. He could allow the debate to go forward – and watch His Veritable Virtuosity perish in ignominious flames,  – or find an excuse to pull the plug.

Right about that time, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to give Hadfield a call, since it seemed like a nice thing to do, he and I being sort of in the same loony business, and all.  We had a lovely conversation, and I suggested that we have a little open conversation online.   I’m sure against his better judgement, Hadfield agreed.

Bottom line – Watts used the excuse that Hadfield was consorting with that “hateful” greenman, thereby nullifying the agreement,  giving his boy an out, and saving himself untold embarrassment, as well.

Should have seen it coming. My bad.


UPDATE: His Astounding Asymmetry has replied. Here’s some of the most comprehensible parts:

…the creature seeking cheap publicity by offering the bet has, I discover, been part of an organized (and probably paid) campaign to prevent skeptics such as me from being allowed to speak at various universities around the world to which we are from time to time invited. Evidence is being gathered, since in Scotland tampering with the right of academic freedom in this characteristically furtive way, particularly with the wildly malicious claims the perpetrator and his little chums have apparently been making, would be held to constitute a grave libel.

I had hoped to sue the defalcating nitwit in the U.S for an earlier malicious attempt by him to assert that I take a skeptical line because I am paid to do so (if only …). However, the lawyers whom I consulted, after having a good look at the case, concluded that, though what this inconsequential little creep had said was unquestionably libelous, as well as displaying an exceptionally poor grasp of elementary science and even of arithmetic, I did not have title to sue because, in the US, I am counted at law as a “public figure” and the jerklet is not. If he were a public figure, I could sue him. If I were not a public figure, I could sue him. But, since I am a public figure and he is not, I cannot sue him. Not in the U.S., at any rate. I visited the Court of Session in Edinburgh yesterday …

Does that mean no? Well, hit my head and call me shorty….

9 Responses to “John Abraham to His Supreme Excellency “Lord” Monckton. Put Up. Or Shut Up.”

  1. Lee Pillow Says:

    You and Potholer54 really whooped his ass. That was a magnificent time, for the Youtube climate community!

    • greenman3610 Says:

      His Subliminal Sublimity’s reply speaks volumes.

    • jcl64 Says:

      Yes fantastic work! Clowns like this “Lord” Monckton deserves to be dragged through the dirt for blatant lying about climate change and discredit the science!

  2. “Lord” Monckton should be rechristened as “Brave Sir Robin”:

  3. andrewfez Says:

    Several hundred other scientists should get in on the bet too.

  4. andrewfez Says:

    Denialist Rages on Investing Information Website:

    This site is full of folks trying to make predictions about the price of this stock or that stock and building ‘theses’ support their predictions. Lots of irrationality occurs here, dressed up in long-winded, mathematical based paragraphs devoted to trend following of a chaotic system whose fundamentals are forced not by universal physical laws, but by other chaotic elements, all relating to human and institutional behavior.

    Yet when I log on today, I find the #1 article on the site was this rabble (posted above), which managed to garner such user comments as, ‘Human beings evolved around smoke. We have a very high tolerance for it. Smoking may reduce lfe expectancy, but only if other factors are unfavorable. In fact, evidence shows that smoke may actually be good for you’, and ‘ I have data that shows that fish talk to each other using bubbles. Show me your science that proves me wrong’.

  5. Nick Carter Says:

    Peter, you defalcating nitwit ;). Love it.

  6. skeptictmac57 Says:

    Another suggestion for a Monckton moniker: ‘His High Dudgeon’


  7. Nick Carter Says:

    I like to call him ‘Prince Margarine” because of the phony crown you see on all his graphics:

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