Music Break: Electric Feel

August 23, 2013

I know I’ve posted this before.
Don’t care.
Y’all needed this and didn’t even know it.

I’m on the shore of Lake Michigan in a magical place for the weekend, and it’s sort of just exactly like the video, minus the dancing hippy chicks, music track, motorcycles, Chucky Cheese puppets, Rock stars, Rainforest,  Ram’s horns, and psychedelic rainbow mud.

The moon is here though.
The moon is definitely here.


5 Responses to “Music Break: Electric Feel”

  1. The shores of Lake Michigan are a magical place this time of year. Hard to explain to anyone whos never been there. Enjoy.
    Someone saw a picture of Lake Michigan I had once and asked what ocean it was. I said it wasnt, it was a Lake. Only over 300 miles long. Take a look at those breakers.

  2. Nick Carter Says:

    One of my favorites! Strange to like music with co-workers young enough to be my children. Thanks, Greenman. 🙂

  3. Nick Carter Says:

    You’re not at the Warner Vinyards in Paw Paw, are ye? Benton Harbor? Saugatuk?

  4. Nick Carter Says:

    Enjoy the solitude. Great for what ails us!

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