The Problem: Clueless Reps on Climate Change PLUS Emerging Responses

August 14, 2013

Don’t listen while drinking hot liquid.

In fact, let me just summarize.

They ain’t no clahmut change. Its Gawd whut’s dewin’ it. Drill baby drill.

Question – are TV ads calling out these guys the answer. OFA has this one

I have questions about whether showing video of deniers making their arguments, however stupid the well informed know them to be, is a good idea.  I do like it that “climate denier” is now obviously a poll-tested and focus grouped nickname for these guys. It means the correct spin is getting thru to the masses.

League of Conservation Voters has an ad out criticizing Senator Ron Johnson (from Wisconsin).

Hizzoner has retorted that LCV is conducting a “climate jihad,” thereby drawing a link between environmentalists and evil, dark skinned, muslims, possible even marijuana toting illegal alien muslims masquerading as mexicans.

Apparently he thinks that will help, but I suspect that continuing to play to an audience of scared, old, white people is rapidly played out.

3 Responses to “The Problem: Clueless Reps on Climate Change PLUS Emerging Responses”

  1. Jim Jenal Says:

    I trust this guy got his Unicorn award since “one good fantasy deserves another.” Lunatic.

  2. jimbills Says:

    A handful of these guys might be below the average in intelligence, but most of them aren’t. The way this works is that each Congressperson constantly gets fed a daily diet of talking points on all subjects. It’s why you hear a lot of them using the same arguments and often even the same phrasing. They get these talking points directly from lobbyists, their political party, and other coalitions. Part of each Congressperson’s job is to continuously read these and “stay on the same page”. Breaking from the talking points risks a loss of support and campaign funding. Until the talking points change, these guys won’t change – they’ll keep saying the same things over and over.

    At some point the GOP will realize it has a political loser on its hands, but I don’t think that day is soon. When people start losing elections because of climate change, they’ll quickly adapt. It’s good to see Miller getting some heat at this meeting, but until he feels the heat during election season (or sees others getting it), he’ll stay the course.

    It’s vital that the Democratic Party itself DOESN’T run ads about climate change. One of the big problems is that (actually stupid) people have tied this issue into political affiliation, and ads by the Democrats will only reinforce that.

    Groups like the LCV doing it is okay, but it will always be an uphill battle due to the funding abilities of environmentalists vs. vested interests. That, and the talking points will switch to how to counter the ads and the groups behind them.

    But….”this whole Al Gore thing of climate change unfortunately is not doing this nation any good” is a gasper. Wowza.

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