Why Do Climate Deniers Hate Baby Seals?

August 5, 2013


Every thinking American has to ask himself, “Why do climate deniers like brain-eating amoebas, and hate baby harp seals? Do they really share our family values?”

New research this week shows that under climate change, brain eating amoebas are extending their range into northern areas formerly inhospitable to them – meanwhile, baby harp seals find it harder and harder to survive under conditions of reduced arctic ice.

Science Daily:

Young harp seals off the eastern coast of Canada are at much higher risk of getting stranded than adult seals because of shrinking sea ice cover caused by recent warming in the North Atlantic, according to a Duke University study.

“Stranding rates for the region’s adult seals have generally not gone up as sea ice cover has declined; it’s the young-of-the-year animals who are stranding (those less than one year old),” said David Johnston, a research scientist at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment.

“And it’s not just the weakest pups — those with low genetic diversity and presumably lower ability to adapt to environmental changes — that are stranding,” he said. “It appears genetic fitness has little effect on this.”

The study, published online this week in the peer-reviewed open-access journal PLoS One, is the first to gauge the relative roles that genetic, environmental and demographic factors such as age and gender may be playing in harp seal stranding rates along the U.S. and Canadian east coasts in recent years.

Harp seals rely on stable winter sea ice as safe platforms to give birth and nurse their young until the pups can swim, hunt and fend off predators for themselves. In years of extremely light ice cover, entire year-classes may be disappearing from the population, Johnston said.

The new study complements a Duke-led study published last year that found seasonal sea ice cover in all four harp sealbreeding regions in the North Atlantic has declined by up to 6 percent a decade since 1979, when satellite records of ice conditions in the region began.

Really Senator Inhofe? Really?


23 Responses to “Why Do Climate Deniers Hate Baby Seals?”

  1. omnologos Says:

    Canadian Hunters Against Climate Change?

  2. That brain eating amoeba looks like Inhofe!

  3. NevenA Says:

    Why does omnologos hate baby seals?

    Good question.

  4. NevenA Says:

    Omnologos, you may be many things, but you’re not a brain-eating amoeba. Thank you for admitting though that you’re one of those denier-vampires who enjoy feeding on our frustration. And baby seals.

    One of the few pleasures I’ll have when AGW turns out to be real and dangerous after all, is the idea that you will by then have realized yourself what an incredible a**hole you’ve been, trolling blogs and supporting pathological liars like Steven Goddard.

  5. uknowispeaksense Says:

    When I first saw the title of this post I thought to myself, “I bet Maurizio will be the first commenter and I bet he yet again, says something moronic.” He never fails to entertain. You’ve become all too predictable, Maurizio. Even the crappiest comedians get new material eventually but not you. Well done on being as bland as you are stupid.

    • omnologos Says:

      main difference between Peter and his non-Maurizio commenters, the absolute lack of any sense of irony in the latter group.

      the biggest tragedy of agw-induced global disaster will be having to bear you guys moan and lament and whine forever about how right you were. I predict mass suicide will be the preferred option for many, rather than having to listen to you…

      • uknowispeaksense Says:

        what are you waiting for?

        • jcl64 Says:

          Be kind to him. Those brain eating amoebas have obviously been busy in his brain for quite some time… along with all other deniers.

        • omnologos Says:


          why do you hate humans (baby or otherwise)?

          please keep doing that as it makes it very easy to stop absurdist legislation

          • uknowispeaksense Says:

            I don’t hate humans. I realise that your puny brain doesn’t function the way normal people’s do so I’m not even going to try and understand where you come up with so much bullshit.

      • MorinMoss Says:

        “Non-Maurizio commenters” – amazing just how much can be inferred about a person in so few words.

        “the biggest tragedy of agw-induced global disaster will be having to bear you guys moan and lament and whine forever about how right you were. I predict mass suicide will be the preferred option for many, rather than having to listen to you…”

        Now you have an inkling how we feel about the rabid denialists and cooligans.

        • omnologos Says:

          what’s truly a sad disaster is how so many here are of obviously inferior brain ability. You guys don’t get it because you can’t get it. I’ll explain, aware that you won’t understand a word I’m writing.

          Peter asked me why I “hate baby seals”. It’s a cheap and I can only assume humorous trick to place me in a difficult arguing corner (nobody hates baby seals). It’s the equivalent of rallying electors by claiming to be for Motherhood and Apple Pie.

          Trouble is, you guys (Uknowetc, MorinMoss, others) are the people that do vote for Motherhood and Apple Pie. So when Peter asks me the question it’s all ok in your eyes, but when I do the same (does anybody hate humans?) you fall for it and get offended and agitated.

          I shall suggest to rename the CCotW readership into “the Ecological Brains Society”, where the brains are ecological because most lights are dimmed, upstairs.

          And yes, am its most obvious President for Life.

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