Dark Snow, Snow Pits, and Greenland Melt

July 17, 2013

Sara Penrhyn Jones is a videographer from Wales who joined DarkSnow in Greenland, and spent days working with Jason Box and myself to pull together the important social media side to DarkSnow. Sara has profiled Dark Snow team member Mckenzie Skiles of NASA,  her interest in snow, particulates, and what makes things melt. We were greatly privileged to have these two very tough, hard working, and talented team members along.


Mckenzie was not able to join us till later in the process –  she gave us a master class in snow optics the first day, hung in through some dark moments,  and stayed on for the dramatic jumps to the ice sheet in the final days. Her samples will be key to provide answers about the role of wildfire, soot, and other forms of impurities in the record 2012 melt event.


4 Responses to “Dark Snow, Snow Pits, and Greenland Melt”

  1. That was a surprisingly deep hole to get to 2012.

  2. Fantastic. Thanks for all the excellent work!

  3. […] Penryhn Jones, Dark Snow Project’s ace videographer, travelled with us in July to the topographic center of the southern Greenland Ice […]

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