Australian Broadcasting: How Global Warming Causes Extremes

July 7, 2013

Very good explanation of weather extremes worldwide under climate change.

Heads up on this came from Jennifer Francis.

11 Responses to “Australian Broadcasting: How Global Warming Causes Extremes”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Arctic warming pushes winter weather further south

    Meteorologist Dave Eichorn explains how warming in the Arctic associated with climate change has resulted in colder temperatures and snowy weather much further south in segment two of a meteorologist’s view on climate change.

  2. MorinMoss Says:

    And the good news just keeps on coming.

    With more salinity in the Atlantic and less in the Pacific, what impact would that have, if any, in the Thermohaline / Ocean Conveyor?

    • Kiwiiano Says:

      Probably not too much, MM. The Conveyor depends on higher salinity in the Nth Atlantic for the cooling Gulf Stream waters to sink and become the counter current that travels back down the Atlantic, beneath the Southern Indian Ocean, up through the Tasman Sea and ultimately to the Nth Pacific. The worry is that excessive Greenland melting could dilute the Nth Atlantic waters to the point they couldn’t sink into the colder saline below them. As presumably happened when the post ice-age glacial melting dumped vast volumes of fresh water & contributed to the Younger Dryas.

      JCL: you sure slobbered a bib-full there!! If what we are seeing now, 2013, with only 0.8°C rise and the assurance that that rise is lagging behind the amount of CO2 already in the atmosphere, we are staring down the muzzle of some seriously wacky weather. I fear the catastrophes will come soon enough, alas. Presumably went we get the next full-blown El Nino

  3. Jennifer francis is a rock starr.

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  5. And this is only from 0.8 C warming. Its really hard to imagine the “climate goal” of 2 C warming as a safe level. I’d say 0.8 is already way too much for our society to handle.

    I wonder what kind of catastrophe it would take for people to understand this?

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