The Weekend Wonk: Richard Alley at Chapman Conference

July 6, 2013

Richard Alley gave one of the best presentations, (competition was stiff) at the recent Chapman Conference on Climate Communication in Granby CO.

I’ll be posting more of the best ones here in coming days. If you’re interested, the playlist is here.


11 Responses to “The Weekend Wonk: Richard Alley at Chapman Conference”

  1. Thank you Peter, that was excellent! As usual, Richard Alley makes things substantive and understandable. Strong science will overcome zombies, any day.


  2. Climate sensitivity based on the fast responding elements taken into account. So is not the climate so much more sensitive once the slower responding elements are considered? Consider how gentle the Malankovich cycles are and yet that is sufficient to throw us into and out of ice ages.

    Even scarier is the falling of a cliff of crop yields.

  3. […] [Hat tip to Greenland's very own videographer, Peter Sinclair — who also gave a talk at the conference.] […]

  4. omnologos Says:

    This ain’t Climate Communication …it’s just a giant waste of time preaching the converted.

    Hey…even this blog’s blogroll only contains links to a certain kind of websites. Compare that to the blogrolls of WUWT or Bishop Hill and you’ll see what I mean.

    One should have the courage of one’s own convictions, to the point of trusting they will survive competition. Otherwise as I said it’s just a waste of time, a tacit admission of defeat.

  5. I’m watch the latest playlist – it seems to be going in reverse order? They are all quite good, in my opinion, but this one is quite concerning:

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