Work Continues in Sisimiut

July 2, 2013

In this time lapse, you can see the sun has disappeared behind the mountains ringing Sisimiut, but is still above the horizon.
As it plays on the clouds, you can track it’s movements on the sky for some time.
I saw this shot developing just before midnight as the clouds moved in, set up the GoPro just outside the cabin, and went to bed.


Jason Box and filmmaker Sara Penrhyn Jones continue to push out the science and media components of the Dark Snow Project.

We hope to find out more today about our transportation situation, and make plans for the coming week. Our chopper provider is still hamstrung by bureaucratic red tape out of Denmark.  A new member of the science team, Mackenzie Skiles, will be arriving soon, so the need for a plan is becoming more urgent.

For now, we are socked in by fog anyway, so there would be no flying today under the best circumstances. We continue to push out media and work with media contacts who are increasingly interested in our project.

2 Responses to “Work Continues in Sisimiut”

  1. ahaveland Says:

    Beautiful… do so wish I was there too!

  2. joffan7 Says:

    Lovely timelapse.

    Good luck with sorting your transport problems out. I get the impression that it is an occupational hazard once you get anywhere remote enough to be scientifically interesting.

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