Camera Test Among Wind Turbines

June 4, 2013


I don’t chase tornadoes, although I get the appeal. Adrenalin is the most powerful and seductive drug – speaking as a former street paramedic, I know.

What I do, though, is chase moments. Or, not so much chase, as wait for them to arrive – as they do every day without fail. All moments are good, but some moments are better than others.

I’m road testing the kit I’ll be taking to Greenland, which will include the Canon T4i, and happened to be in the right place, right time, the other day, in the middle of Michigan’s largest wind array, not far from my home. Click the pictures for larger versions.



We’ve had a lot of wet weather, I’m not sure if it’s a record, but it is remarkable. Flooded fields have kept a lot of farmers from being able to  plant normally. Gratiot County, where these are located, has an average household income of just under $40,000, and a fair amount of that comes from farming.

Fortunately, the steady income provided to local landowners by these turbines helps buffer against the increasing impact of weather whiplash – extreme drought last year, extreme rain this year – keeping families on their land, and giving rural communities a development model more positive than just hoping for a new prison – a big rural growth industry of late.




14 Responses to “Camera Test Among Wind Turbines”

  1. Jim Dulzo Says:


    Nice shots! I find that fairly distant turbines often disappear in my pictures when I take ’em on a bright, sunny, albeit hazy day. You got some serious contrast goin’ on in these. Hope prep for your big trip is going well



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  3. uknowispeaksense Says:

    Nice shots Peter. Good luck on the trip. Shame you had to take pics of those big ugly eyesores 😉

  4. joffan7 Says:

    I love the visual drama of low sun under dark clouds.

    • andrewfez Says:

      That one’s my favorite also (#2 in the series, if that’s the one you’re referencing). Actually quite pretty for a no-frills, straight-to-business machine, with the sun’s reflection occurring amid the tower.

  5. MorinMoss Says:

    Very nice. Almost looks like you’re using HDR in a couple photos.

  6. rayduray Says:



    There’s mention of a Livestream of the event, but I’m having some difficulty digging out exact info on that.

    See also:

    And I just downloaded Stu Ostro’s slide show. It’s huge but manageable. I’ll let you know if any particular slides should be noted.


    • junkdrawer88 Says:

      Re: the Live feed:

      Just called Kate Graves. She sent me to Having a hard time loading the site (java plugin problem w/firefox)

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