White Supremacists and Climate Denial

May 11, 2013

I’ve pointed out before the comfy co-existence of racism and climate change denial on display at the recent CPAC convention, and been criticized for making so obvious a connection. Well, here it is again.

If you pick up the video above at about 2:48, you’ll see a recap of this week’s kerfuffle about a senior analyst at the “conservative” Heritage Foundation, and his, well, uh, frank, views on white supremacy.

Heritage, one of DC’s leading sewerpipes of climate denial, claims they had no idea one of their guys was a cross-burner – but watch the video and you’ll see him – at a public meeting covered by CSpan – spew a nauseating race-vs-IQ spiel that would be worthy of, well, the Wall Street Journal.

But even the Journal cut that shit out 20 years ago.

Maybe there should be research into the DNA and brain structure of climate deniers and racists, to find out if both behaviors spring from the same genetic deficiency.   And maybe the Heritage Foundation should do a report on that. And maybe it should be published in the Wall Street Journal.

It’s just a thought.


7 Responses to “White Supremacists and Climate Denial”

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  2. […] Peter Sinclair writes at Climate Denial Crock of the Week: […]

  3. j4zonian Says:

    “We will see how long that lasts…”

    I wish I worked with a sufficient number of informed people that we could start a pool on how long every one of these PR lies and insane trial balloon excuses lasts, and on which standard tactic will be tried next once it fails. I predict the usual progression for this: denial, an attempt to “clarify” it out of existence, minimizing, scapegoating, and then the turn to the next calamitous revelation from the loons on the right.

    The most bizarre thing about US politics, out of too many things too bizarre to comprehend, is that as long as the right keeps supplying a constant stream of fossil fuel and nuclear disasters, climate change-caused fires, floods, droughts, ecological disruptions (pine bark beetles, e.g.) and racist, misogynist, anti-science, anti-reality, war-infatuated market-worshipping criminally insane posturings, nothing will ever be done about any of them. Reporting remains so shallow and obsequious and “has to” turn to the next proof of reactionary idiocy so fast, that the public never comes to any understanding, and regulation, reform and prosecution fall by the wayside while life goes on, BAU redoubled by the reaffirmed confidence of the perps.

    So tell me, please, when does the revolution start?

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