Obama on Science and National Security

May 1, 2013

I’ve reported on the recent moves by the Republican dominated House Science Committee to let politicians, not scientists decide on fertile areas of study.

Now we have, for comparison, President Obama’s position on science and its importance.

National Academy of Science:

April 29, 2013 – President Barack Obama reiterated his strong support for science and technology to members of the National Academy of Sciences at its 150th annual meeting. Science, technology, engineering, and medicine are critical to the nation’s prosperity, Obama said, noting that investments made today are bound to pay off for many years to come.

Above, a 3 minute clip of the 20 minute speech, which touches on the importance, from the beginning, of good science to National Security, which was first recognized by Abraham Lincoln during the darkest days of the Civil War.  The clip is a nice little history lesson, and ends with a pretty good laugh line, that ironically pegs the current resurgence of the old confederacy and its influence on the modern Republican party.

Compare this to the “Science is Lies from the Pit of Hell” speech by GOP Rep.Paul Broun, a member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

Full Obama speech below.



3 Responses to “Obama on Science and National Security”

  1. prokaryotes Says:

    Keep the church and state forever separate.

  2. Judging from Broun’s backdrop’ he “believes” in
    4 KNO3 + C7H4O + 2 S —> 2 K2S + 4 CO2 + 3 CO + 2 H2O + 2 N2 (gunpowder combustion)

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