Arctic Ice Mass Loss Visualized

April 23, 2013

Andy Lee Robinson is at it again with ice visualization magic.  These visuals are powerful and give individuals a vivid and visceral handle on what is happening on the roof of the world.

11 Responses to “Arctic Ice Mass Loss Visualized”

  1. Powerful. Great find.

  2. The film is ok, but why this terrible loud music?
    … ok, I know one can mute the sound 😉

  3. This goes along with number four in discovery news the other day
    10 Signs Climate Change Is Already Happening

    Apr 22, 2013 11:00 AM ET // by Kieran Mulvaney

    1. Carbon Dioxide Concentrations in the Atmosphere Are Increasing
    2. The Hottest Decade on Record Keeps Changing
    3. The Rate of Warming Is Unprecedented in at Least 11,000 Years
    4. Arctic Sea Ice Is in a ‘Death Spiral’
    5. Greenland Is Losing Ice at an Accelerating Rate
    6. Antarctic Peninsula Is Also Losing Ice at an Accelerating Rate
    7. The Ocean Is Warming
    8. Sea Level Is Rising (Excluding in the around daveburton world).
    9. The Planet Is Accumulating More Heat
    10. Extreme Weather Is More … Extreme

    • The ice cubes in mah iced tea never git bigger when they are melting. They just git smaller.The git smaller faster when ah put mah iced tea in the sun. It’s the sun – libtard. 🙂

  4. pinroot Says:

    Where’s the graph for the Antarctic? Just curious…

    • greenman3610 Says:

      you may have seen my recent videos where global ice experts from NSIDC and NASA characterized changes in Antarctic sea ice as insignificant. A graph of an insignificant change would be pretty boring and uninformative.

  5. astrostevo Says:

    Powerful stuff – excellent work here that really impresses how much ice has melted already. Love the graphic – hate that its the reality.

    • Kevin Poss Says:

      Let’s assume that all of the ice melts completely and soon (it nearly has already). Why aren’t we seeing catastrophic consequences of this horrific event? Let’s say millions of people soon have to move inland as a result of the melting and rising sea levels. Doesn’t Keynesian economics (i.e. leftist economics) suggest that this would provide a positive stimulus for economic growth? Why are we so concerned about the ice melting? What catastrophic consequences am I missing?

      • greenman3610 Says:

        What you’re missing is better understanding of the issue. The melt that has occurred in sea ice does not impact sea level. It does provide a strong positive warming feedback that is feeding the accelerated melt of the land based Greenland sheet, which will impact sea level. If millions of people start to move on account of climate changes, you have to remember that things will be getting worse inland as well, with drought and heat waves impacting the interior areas of continents, something we are already seeing.
        You should know that the melting ice seems to be destabilizing global atmospheric circulation, leading to a number of novel extreme events that are causing damage to people and economies right now
        Millions of people becoming refugees are not a positive influence on any economy, any more than war would be – although in right wing economics, war is always seen as a good thing. Consider the possibility that the the Pentagon might be right, and that climate change is a destabilizing influence.

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