Margaret Thatcher on Climate Change and Environment

April 9, 2013

This is the full CSpan version. My eyes get moist listening, not because I miss Ms. Thatcher, I had no special fondness for her, but because I miss what we once had in pre-Fox America –  a dialogue with intelligent conservatives who took the time to actually think, feel, reason, and deduct. A common set of basic human values, and a respect for fact and science.

Can you imagine a contemporary Republican making glowing mention of Darwin? (first 5 minutes)


It’s 36 minutes. Worth playing in the background, or if you don’t have time, see the Yale video I produced using this footage,  and commentary below in another post.

30 Responses to “Margaret Thatcher on Climate Change and Environment”

  1. I couldn’t stand listening and watching the entire speech! It more than just pales today’s politicians. It even pales much cheese I’ve seen from Carl Sagan. She presents the science not only in technical detail but also in poetic and historic depth.

    This is a quite brutal and devastating highlight on the total mental and spiritual corruption of what gets elected as leader today. Should I puke or should I weep.

  2. Reblogged this on things temporarily hidden and commented:
    Just to provide a little balance, here’s Thatcher arguing clearly, and scientifically accurately, for dramatic action to combat anthropogenic climate change at the UN back in 1989.
    I believe that when people are right, they’re right, and very few people are all wrong.

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