Music Break: Snoop Lion – No Guns Allowed

April 6, 2013

Disclosure: I’m not rap-literate. I’m a white small town midwesterner. A granola head at that.

Took my son to an Eminem concert in Detroit one time – I really did like some of that early Em stuff, which I thought hilarious. Hardly know Snoop Dogg at all other than by reputation.

Supposedly he’s taking a new look at things. Maybe it’ll help.

[Verse: Snoop Lion / Cori B.]
Money makes a man and that’s a crime
If we all were rich, we’d spend more time
With our daughters and sons, they’re losing their minds
We all feel hurt,here’s mine, hear me now

[Chorus: Snoop Lion / Cori B.]
Cause, no guns are allowed, in here tonight
We’re gonna have a free-for-all, no fights
I wanna get lost in the crowd, in here tonight
I need to hear my thoughts, turn the music up loud

[Hook: Snoop Lion]
Let the music play, me don’t want no more gunplay
When the bodies hit the ground, there’s nothing left to say, ay, ay
Me don’t want to see no more innocent blood shed
Me don’t want to see no more youth dead
Come hear me now

[Chorus: Snoop Lion / Cori B.]

[Verse: Drake]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, news from back home
This when it hurts to be gone
Two more young names to be carved out of stone
One summer day that went horribly wrong
Got my dawg on the phone
Cryin’ and sayin’ to leave him alone, but I’m not leavin’ his side
I know that somebody died, somebody’s child
Some people ducked down and some people hide
Some people just cannot react in time
Bullets do not choose a victim
It is the shooter that picks ’em
They just can’t wait to get you in the system
The district attorney could use a conviction
Told you no guns and then you didn’t listen
Life is so heavy with that on your soul
Dedicate this to Shyanne and Josh
And pour sumthin’ out for the lives that they stole

[Chorus: Snoop Lion / Cori B.]

[Outro: Snoop Lion / Cori B.]
Money makes a man and that’s a crime
Money makes a man and that’s a crime
I wanna get lost in the crowd, in here tonight

Below: Trailer for Snoop’s new movie “Reincarnated”


4 Responses to “Music Break: Snoop Lion – No Guns Allowed”

  1. Shorter Snoop: thanks for all that money folks, I really appreciate you buying my “gangsta” albums. Now, let’s sing Kum-bye-ya!

    Trust me, you’re not missing too much these days by not being rap literate. Since NWA and Public Enemy hung up their mics, there hasn’t been much worth being literate about.

  2. daveburton Says:

    IMO, reggae is nice… rap, not so much. But what do I know? I’m a white small-town Michigander (originally), too, like Peter… well, except for the granola-head part. My taste in “social consciousness music” runs more to Alison…

    That said, I think the “no guns allowed” sentiment is incredibly wrong-headed. Two days after the Newtown, CT shooting, another maniac went on a shooting spree in a restaurant and adjacent theater, in San Antonio, TX… yet it doesn’t seem to have made the news in most places. Google “Jesus Manuel Garcia.” He was stopped before he killed anyone (though he did seriously wound someone), because there was an armed lady off-duty cop there, who shot him four times, and sent him to the ICU, before he managed to kill anyone.

    There was a “no guns allowed” policy at Sandy Hook elementary school, but, thankfully, there was no such policy at Santikos Mayan Palace 14 theater in San Antonio.

    So liberals and the 4th estate want to ban people like that lady cop from having guns in places like theaters, so that maniacs can succeed at killing lots of people in theaters like they do in schools, where, in most cases, liberals have already banned guns.

    On Friday, Feb. 4, two armed thugs attempted to rob a 70yo high school coach and two members of the women’s basketball team outside Martin Luther King High School in Detroit. The coach was escorting the girls to their cars after practice. Unfortunately for the thugs, the coach was armed; he drew his concealed handgun and shot both thugs.

    If that coach, or someone like him, had been at Newtown, CT’s Sandy Hook Elementary School December 14, 2012, most of Adam Lanza’s 26 victims at the school probably would have been saved. But, tragically, there were “no guns allowed” at Sandy Hook Elementary.

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