Dark Snow Project On Track, On Budget, and On Line

April 6, 2013

We’re going to Greenland, and we’ll be there for this year’s melt season. That’s the Headline.

If you haven’t heard of the Dark Snow Project, –  get thee to darksnowproject.org, and/or check out the videos above, or  here and here.

deckchairWe’ve got the barebones of a budget to get us there, but we are still fundraising in the hope of maximizing our capabilities for transportation and sampling once we get to the base of the ice sheet.

There are some really fantastic events coming up this month to raise awareness and additional funding. I’ll be posting more on that as things get nailed down in the next few days – but if you are anywhere near the New York City area, block out sunday, April 21, the day before earth day, for a fun and educational afternoon jaunt in the city.

Three weeks ago we were all beginning to wonder if this would really happen. Now, with some creativity in planning our modes of transport – the big ticket item – and with help from a volunteer cadre of highly motivated, highly skilled, highly caffeinated social media professionals who have jumped in to help, it looks like this thing has a shot at taking Citizen Science seriously viral.

Kicking off the April festivities, I’ll be a guest on the live video blog Magic Sandwich show Sunday afternoon, April 7, at 3 pm EDT, 8 pm in the UK/western europe.  The broadcast will be available on Ustream and Vaughntv.

Let me say that Magic Sandwich Maestro DPR Jones is a friend of this series, and of facts and truth on the web – and helped me out a few years ago with a spectacular, bold, funny, bloody-minded and indescribably generous blogathon that spanned 10 time zones and scared up the votes for ClimateCrocks to win an online funding grant.

snowgogo3The Dark Snow Project will be sampling snow at various points on the Greenland sheet to look for mechanisms that might be contributing to the gradual darkening of the sheet, which has now been observed over a decade. Most especially, we’ll be looking for soot from wildfires that are on the increase in North America, to determine if they may be an important and unquantified climate feedback.

Thanks to all who have pitched in so far, if you have not yet – we’ve now added an IndieGoGo page to the crowdsourcing effort – with some great gifts for givers who go that route.  If you go directly to the darksnowproject page – you can give via PayPal, via credit card, or by sending a check directly to Ohio State University, whose Foundation has tax exempt status. (all donations are US tax deductions)


4 Responses to “Dark Snow Project On Track, On Budget, and On Line”

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  4. […] ice in general, will be the impetus for the DarkSnowProject – Dr. Box’s research expedition to Greenland this summer, which I will be documenting. The basic premise: the Greenland ice sheet has been observed to be […]

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