Trump Trumped. Wind Turbines Will Go Up in Scotland

March 28, 2013


Note to wind developers. Getting  Donald Trump to oppose your project could speed the approval process.


Scottish ministers have given the go-ahead to an experimental offshore windfarm site near Aberdeen after ignoring Donald Trump‘s angry threats of legal action to block the project.

Trump has repeatedly attacked the European offshore wind deployment centre (EOWDC) proposal, alleging the turbines will ruin the view from his £750m golf resort, which overlooks the North Sea and sits several kilometres north of the site’s boundary.

The billionaire property magnate again threatened to use his financial muscle to oppose the 11-turbine project in the courts using “every legal means” to defeat it. Despite recently announcing plans to build a second 18-hole golf course at his resort, he repeated his threat to put his entire project on hold because the windfarm threatened the financial viability of his resort.

trump2The decision also confirms Aberdeen city and shire’s status as a world-class energy hub, bringing with it significant economic benefits which will be pivotal to ensuring the region’s long-term prosperity.” But he added that the project was chiefly designed to test and evaluate advanced new offshore wind power designs, potentially helping to find new breakthrough technologies. Scottish and UK ministers, who also support the project, believe it could be crucial to helping the UK exploit the £100bn offshore wind industry.

Richard Dixon, director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said: “Offshore wind will be a huge part of our energy future and this scheme is a big step forward.

“Well done to the Scottish government for standing up to Donald Trump’s threats and bluster.”

7 Responses to “Trump Trumped. Wind Turbines Will Go Up in Scotland”

  1. Bruce Miller Says:

    The recent use of nano carbon super capacitors in place of batteries in electric cars will provide a large dfficiency increase for any Wind Turbine or Solar endeveor.
    1 – twice or better the voltages of Li cells = 2 X or better the Power Density
    2 – no “Internal Resistance” of batteries – less losses
    3 – 100,000 Charge cycles proven in labs – could be higher = longer life
    4 – have “power density” approaching, even exceeding gasoline today – aircraft ready
    5 – accept rapid transfer charges from previously charged capacitor banks – no recharge wait times
    6 – relatively lighter weight
    7 – non flammable
    8 – no “exotic” materials – no Li, no chemicals – safer cheaper, domestic
    9 – mass producible – cheap
    10 – accept inductive power returns, for braking, differential control, for 4 wheel drive.
    11 – no toxic chemical dangers – carbon common already
    12 – Safe, environmentally clean disposal.
    Computer controlled pulse charge/discharge systems near loss-less, and common in industries around the world.
    Electric hub oriented, smaller, higher voltage motors possible – with no gearing losses
    Lighter wiring, lighter motors due to higher voltage
    Hemp fibre, carbon fibre, plastics and light alloy use to reduce weight.
    My Question: Have Asian Intelligentsia gone even better than this? Remember: Chinese intelligentsia are merit selected – Americans, by who’s daddy could pay their way through the diploma mills, Chinese intelligentsia are held in highest esteem socially – not called degrading or derogatory names such as Geek, Nerd, or Dork, not socially sequestered, isolated, pushed aside, therefore stand tall, work hard and care a great deal, are energized, included, integrated, not suppressed, and move forward, not held stationary in China. Asian intelligentsia have advanced the standard, stagnant, arrogantly acclaimed superior, American ‘Ivory Tower” knowledge by an entire century, in only decades, unrestricted by “tradition” allowed to think outside the box, and pressed hard to go there – even to the modernized, revitalized, Thorium technologies, mass manufacturing technologies, Solar Wind Wave Hydro Tidal Geothermal Biological technologies, to lead the world today. Moreover – the Chinese intelligentsia are better financed, better equipped with the latest most modern tools, full computerized, assigned, not pitted one against the other in corporate style, wasting duplication, and seeking only immediate profit, ROI. their goal to fulfill a social need. (India and other Asians too?) Will the revealed Chreos also have a utilitarian body? A truck version? A van version? A small bus version? Even a “Sports – Car” version? Will it be ever-improved, upgraded in the old VW tradition of the 60’s? Can it be scaled?
    Is this the sort of vehicle we see emerging in this 21st Century that should have, could have, would have emerged from Detroit, had they taken a different path? Did America fail her clientele? Sold out through corporatism and missed the true Capitalist boat to greater riches? After all, this is not an Oldsmobile at all, is it? The Corvette still the King, right? Not for long. – So expect now a plethorea of these fine Asian Electrics to replace the 20th century gasoline paradigm, and to ballast all electric systems in you nation.

    • MorinMoss Says:

      It’ll probably be a few years before any carbon-based supercapacitors are ready but with other recent announcements such as the prototype aluminum-air fuel cell from Phinergy, there are some exciting developments.

  2. andrewfez Says:

    What really threatens the pristine nature of the land is putting up an ugly 18-hole golf course and a flashy hotel to go along with it.

  3. Not to mention that rodent on top of somebodies head.

  4. MorinMoss Says:

    The relevant PDF docs for the consent application can be downloaded from

    There’s also a volume 4 that has to be requested on a CD.

  5. This isn’t just about Trump! Anyone who respects natural ocean (or land) vistas will be offended by gigantic machines intruding on them. Why aren’t you offended enough to see that carbon isn’t the only problem on this planet? The Aberdeen project also shows that offshore wind is rarely placed far enough away to be invisible. The ability to enjoy a coastline free of blight is under siege.

    It was inevitable that pseudo-environmentalists would use Trump as a distraction to advance their environmentally-destructive wind power plans. They use the common fallacy of quilt by association. Trump dislikes wind turbines and Trump is generally bad, therefore wind turbines are generally good? One could pick any number of good tastes held by Hitler and use the same ruse (even the most vile people will tell the truth about something). There’s a strange attitude that one can’t be a modern environmentalist without forsaking scenery for the “greater good” which they define only in terms of CO2 now.

    Big offshore oil rigs are at least removed when their life cycle ends, whereas wind turbines are designed to lurk and be replaced with even bigger ones. The industry speaks like a skyscraper consortium gloating over how much mass they can force onto a landscape, with tired excuses that it’s not motivated by green (as in dollars, not nature).

    This photo collage shows a very small fraction of the 250,000+ wind turbines already tainting the world’s threatened scenery and killing wildlife. Question the environmental credentials of anyone who claims we need far more of them, or that they don’t rely on fossil fuels.

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