The Weekend Wonk:Jennifer Francis’ Newest Lecture online

February 16, 2013

Cool that she opens the lecture with my video, which was cribbed and re-edited from one of her previous lectures – but if you want to cut to the chase go to about 20 minutes in, that’s where I started learning stuff.

I’ve been meaning to edit this down to just the best parts, – its long – and I probably will, – but more important to get it posted and circulated,  because Dr. Francis is leading one of the most important discussions in climate science right now.


8 Responses to “The Weekend Wonk:Jennifer Francis’ Newest Lecture online”

  1. Wes Says:

    “The amount of heat energy released into the atmosphere from the Arctic Ocean in the fall is enough to power the entire United States for 25 years.” I do wish she hadn’t said that. It’s like being whacked by a 2X4. So many folks think that climate change will just be an inconvenience that we’ll have to live with. Except we won’t. At least, not most of us.

    • MorinMoss Says:

      As James Carville said when talking about the GOP reaction to Romney’s loss, sometimes only “pine on skull” gets the message across.

  2. ahaveland Says:

    That was brilliant. All makes sense of how the processes interact and codepend.

  3. Dr. Francis is brilliant. Doesn’t matter though, if people won’t listen.,

  4. Nick Carter Says:

    I know I tend to be a name dropper, but I have to say I was impressed that this weather summit was named after Glenn Gerberg, a colleague who used to work at my tv station.

  5. […] 5 minute clip from Dr. Jennifer Francis’ most recent lecture online, discussing jet stream […]

  6. […] posted Jennifer Francis’ lecture on this, as well as my interview from last fall,  – check those for background if you haven’t yet, […]

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