Dispatches from Down Under Part 2

February 7, 2013

More documentation from Australia, where blogger Mike Marriott is sending dispatches from the leading edge of climate change impacts. You may have been aware of raging fires and blazing heat, but the extremes have swung in recent weeks to torrential flooding.

Dispatches from the climate debate #2: Australia’s summer of extreme climate events

Queensland and New South Wales were recently devastated by floods: it is clear there is a connection to climate change. The town of Bundaberg was subjected to 9 meters of flooding.

This video, second in the “Dispatches from the climate debate” series looks at the science of climate change and anticipated impacts for Queensland.

5 Responses to “Dispatches from Down Under Part 2”

  1. MorinMoss Says:

    All this in the face of ENSO-neutral conditions. What would moderate to strong positive or negative conditions bring?

  2. Kim Hudson Says:

    You won’t be seeing any more reports from the Queensland Office of Climate Change like the one featured here. It was the very first government body disbanded by the incoming conservative state government last year. Queensland’s Premier Newman also stated ‘Queensland is open to coal mining’ and has now shut down every climate change program previously in existence. We have been hardest hit by climate change in Australia lately and we are literally doing nothing about it; unless you count doubling coal exports as ‘doing something’.

    • astrostevo Says:

      ..And if Opposition leader and Climate Change denier Tony Abbott gets into power in the federal election here on Sept.14th then, heaven help us all. A sign of the things to come and their mentality – if the scientists tell you what you don’t want to hear, scrap the scientists funding & bodies, refuse to listen and it will all just go away.

      Except of course it won’t.

      • astrostevo Says:

        Tony Abbott has been nicknamed the Mad Monk & Captain Catholic – but ithink anew nickname of TeaParty Tony suits him better. He ha s notoriously called Climate Change “absolute Cr*p” although he’s also made conflicting statements at various time sto other people. Among his other statements was one inan interview where he said he couldn’t be trusted unless his comments were scripted (down in writing) and yet he’s now running a campaign on “who can you trust?” grounds because Julia Gillard, current PM, introduced a carbon price breaking a promise not to do so – after the 2010 election resulted in a hung parliament with the Australian Greens having thebalance of power.

        Politics here is a worry right now although from what I gather at least a bit better than the US situation.

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