Trailer: “A2 – Children of Fukushima”

February 4, 2013

SYNOPSIS: Many children in Fukushima were never evacuated after the nuclear meltdown on March 11, 2011. Now the number of Fukushima children found to have thyroid cysts and nodules is increasing. (“A2” designates thyroids with cysts)

What will this mean for their future?

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  1. Summarizing the thyroid ultrasound examination results from Japan and overseas, prevalence of “cysts” detected in children around the age of 10 is approximately 0.5-1.0%.

    The fact that 35% of Fukushima children (average age around 10) have thyroid cysts strongly suggests that these children’s thyroid glands are negatively affected by undesirable environmental factors.
    The fact that 35% of Fukushima children (average age around 10) have thyroid cysts strongly suggests that these children’s thyroid glands are negatively affected by undesirable environmental factors.

    There is nothing in the references that disputes the above statement.

    This is the cause of the word “astonishing”.

    It is NOT “a political word intended to provoke a sympathetic reaction.”

    Apparently, you are dismissing the assessment of this doctor and all the other references out of hand. You are implying that they do not know how to assess the studies and they are making mistakes, but provide no references.

    The blanket statement that there was a “myth of Tepco as a persistently lying entity” was disproved, but then the goalpost was moved.

    By now you should be aware that this is common practice among a group commonly known as “deniers”.

    • joffan7 Says:

      Actually, you were the one to claim Tepco was a persistently lying entity, specifically regarding the Fukushima Daiichi crisis, and then switched topics when your attempt to support this failed horribly.

      And yes, your throwing up of multiple claims at once is indeed a characteristic of a chase not based on facts, if you wish to take the conversation in that direction.

      Meanwhile my central point about the thyroid nodules stands – that these are perfectly normal occurrence figures looking at nodules of compatible size in previous studies.

      I have no problem with people, including doctors, being astonished, and I would never dispute their right to be so, but it doesn’t constitute an “assessment”. Meanwhile the lead doctors of this project are not astonished, and see the nodule occurrence as normal.

  2. Yes, I made a mistake on the date of Unit 1 explosion. That has little to do with thyroid nodules. Or Tepco’s sorry record.

    Why is it that every time there is a nuclear disaster, sparing everyone from panic and discomfort is more important than timely and open communications that save people from illness and death? Could it be that there is another agenda besides the safety and security of the ordinary citizen?

    The first reports from the utilities are more rosy than the later picture. Tepco itself has admitted this. At first Tepco claimed the disaster could not have been predicted or prevented. Later, they admitted that critical changes were not made.

    This is the lack of “transparency” that makes people distrust the word of Tepco.

    • joffan7 Says:

      “Tepco’s sorry record” was what you were attempting to prove with your Unit 1 explosion remark. So let’s have a look at your second attempt to back up the claim that “Tepco have repeatedly lied to the public”.

      Unfortunately for you, it’s another damp squib, although not actually an error of fact this time. Tepco taking a while to acknowledge their shortcomings in strengthening the site is not exactly a distortion or withholding of material information.

      And there’s that goalpost shift you accused me of…. you go from “repeatedly lied” to “a lack of transparency”.

      And behind all this, we probably want the same things. You don’t really want panic and discomfort for people. I don’t want illness or death for them, and we can agree completely that open and timely communications are important. But those communications have to be based on evidence, not paranoid speculation, and we will not always have all the information we might wish.

  3. Satire. Get it? “Lack of transparency”. Some people call it “lie”. Tepco seems quite happy to use unreliable evidence when it suits them. They are also quite willing to use the excuse of “avoiding panic”, if it means concealing the truth. And yes, they repeatedly lie. People don’t mistrust if they are being treated honestly. The “myth of Tepco persistent lying entity” are your words not mine. I just proved its no myth. Twice. Lying one way for a decade was already persistent enough. You just changed the goal post to “not after Fukushima” or not lately. Persistent could mean a long time, not just more than one lie. Every lie has a purpose. It is pretty obvious to those impacted by Tepco’s behavior that the purpose is to conceal.

    Meanwhile, the central point is that there is an unusual amount of thyroid nodules. The MD thinks so. Guess his word is not good enough for you. Thank you for getting me to research those events so that others could see just how sorry the plight of Fukushima’s children and parents is and how much more Tepco is interested in “preventing panic” than they are in revealing the truth. I would rather they panic than one of them suffer illness and death.

    • joffan7 Says:

      “The MD”, like there’s only one. You really need to work on your listening skills, and start with listening to yourself.

      No-one is going to suffer illness or death from radiation. Meanwhile many people will suffer, and some die, from panicky irrational decisions.

      Enjoy talking yourself in circles. Buh-bye.

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