Lord Monckton Heads Down Under to Remind Australians there is No Global Warming

January 9, 2013

I have to keep reminding myself,  “..this is not The Onion”.


After 16 years of NO WARMING, Lord Christopher Monckton returns to Australia and NZ for a speaking tour late January – April 2013

Tour Title: “Carbon tax, climate scam, Agenda 21: can democracy survive all three? Lord Monckton does due diligence”.


The Atlantic Wire:

See that deep purple in the middle of this acne-red weather report from Down Under? That right there represents 129.2° F or 54 °C — it’s a brand-new shade that the Australian bureau of meteorology was forced to add to its heat index because their country is, you know, kind of on fire. “The scale has just been increased today and I would anticipate it is because the forecast coming from the bureau’s model is showing temperatures in excess of 50 degrees,” David Jones, head of the bureau’s climate monitoring and prediction unit, told The Sydney Morning Herald, which notes that the previous record high was 50.7°C  (123°F), recorded in 1960 at Oodnadatta Airport in the southern part of Australia — right around where the new shades of hot are showing up today

Having delighted his US supporters by going “full birther” – becoming a leading voice for the “Obama birth certificate” conspiracy theorists that now wield power in the US republican party, Lord Monckton, the intellectual leader of the global warming denial movement, appears to be expanding his reach beyond what Perth native Stephen Lewandowsky calls “the monarchist prostate crowd”,  into even more rarified realms of nutter-dom.


PASTOR Daniel Nalliah, president of the fringe political party Rise Up Australia, has what you might politely describe as some fairly interesting views on matters of science, the climate, abortion and religious tolerance.

In the pulpit-driven eyes of Melbourne’s Pastor Nalliah, humans didn’t appear on Earth until 6000 years ago, when his god put us there. That same god was also behind Australia’s most devastating bushfires, but only because laws are in place to allow abortion.

But more of all this later, because Pastor Danny has announced the name of the man to give the keynote speech at the official launch of his Rise Up Australia political party.

Lord Monckton’s three-month-long speaking tour of Australia starts at the end of this month. The country is currently experiencing its worst heatwave in recorded history with high temperature records tumbling and homes and property burning from bushfires.

Bureau of Meteorology climate expert David Jones told the Sydney Morning Herald the unprecedented heatwave was on the back of a long-term warming trend and climate change would serve up more extremes in the future.

So why Lord Monckton? Well, he and Pastor Danny are old friends. In January 2012, Nalliah and his Christian evangelical Catch the Fire ministry hosted Lord Monckton for a lecture as part of his nationwide speaking tour that year – one which was prefaced by a scandal surrounding Monckton’s use of Nazi swastikas.

If all this doesn’t sound incendiary enough, then Pastor Nalliah’s views on the cause of deadly bushfires are among his most offensive views. During the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, when 173 people were killed and hundreds were injured, Nalliah claimed the devastation was all down to God, who had removed his “conditional protection” of  Victoria because of the state’s abortion laws

And what of climate change, the rising trend in global temperatures and emissions of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels and other human activities? This is all conveniently immaterial because, as Pastor Nalliah went on to explain: “The fact is God is in charge of climate for 6000 years…  we cannot change the climate.”

Lord Monckton returns to Australia in a month’s time for his third national speaking tour. Previous tours have been supported by one of the world’s richest women, coal and iron ore mining magnate Gina Rinehart, and also by a mining industry association.

38 Responses to “Lord Monckton Heads Down Under to Remind Australians there is No Global Warming”

  1. Maybe he’ll melt into a puddle of pretentious denial.

  2. mrsircharles Says:

    Let this “Lord” go to Australia. He can help extinguishing the forest fires there 🙂

    => Australia Is So Hot They Had To Add a New Color to the Weather Map

  3. He’s not even a Lord…


    Australia should also follow the New Zealand lead on this;

    Don’t debate him. The more credible his opponent the more credible he looks to his supporters and those that are on the fence.

  4. Jean Mcmahon Says:

    At least he invented the cure for aids

  5. 4monty7 Says:

    I love Cirque du Vaudeville! I can’t wait to hear him say – “Australia is doing just fine. No problems there.”

  6. …and the common cold?

    What an ass he is!

  7. […] I have to keep reminding myself, ”..this is not The Onion”. Ticketek: After 16 years of NO WARMING, Lord Christopher Monckton returns to Australia and NZ for a speaking tour late Janua…  […]

  8. Geoff Brown Says:

    Sydney peaked at 42ºC and not the forecast 43º.

    Isn’t the man-made global warming hoax amazing when you look at the record temperatures for Sydney –

    1. 45.3 14/1/1939
    2. 44.2 1/1/2006
    3. 42.5 13/1/1896
    4. 42.4 27/1/1960
    5. 42.2 20/1/1957
    6. 42.1 8/2/1926
    7. 42 9/1/2013

    Wow! Those SUVs must have been rampaging in 1939…

    If you feel you could match wits with Lord Monckton, why not attend one of the tour dates. Mind you, the Desmog editor tried and got thrashed.

    • skeptictmac57 Says:

      Live debates are a poor metric for ferreting out the validity of a scientific proposition. Rhetorical tricks and Gish Gallop tactics only make for a sideshow,but leave little room for fact checking,so here:

      Click to access Monckton_vs_Scientists.pdf

      Also for a really good thrashing of ‘Lord’ Monckton see potholer54’s videos
      Monckton Bunkum Parts 1 through 5. They are quite devastating.

      • skeptictmac57 Says:

        Oops, the potholer54 link was supposed to go to his climate change menu,not to play the entire set. Just Google his Youtube video’s and look for the Monckton set. Well worth the time to watch the whole lot.

    • sailrick Says:

      Public debates with professional misinformers like Monckton are a waste of time and just give him more limelight. Public debates are about being persuasive and knowing how to sway an audience, not about finding what is true. Monckton is a persuasaive performer, not a scientist. Real scientists are constrained by their scientific integrity, which tends to make them avoid such displays of persuasiveness and showmanship.

      It’s Monckton who is afraid of a written debate, where claims can be fact checked. Fact checking would cancel out everything he says.

      Debate Challenge to Viscount Monckton

      {at Climate Asylum}


    • Citation needed. Geoff, can you provide sources for the claims you make above please.

    • Geoff, the other thing you’re not seeming to grok is that you’re talking about localised weather while Mr Monkton is talking about the climate. These are not the same things.

      The mistake you’ve made is a common one and I’d recommend a little research into the differences between the two.

  9. Good timing Lord Monckton, I don’t think the cherry season has finished here in Australia yet so you may still have time to do some picking as you seem to be an expert at it

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