Climate Denial “game changer” Fizzles. AP Poll Shows Once Again, Nature Bats Last.

December 16, 2012

coyoteThe buffoonasphere bubble that briefly bobbed up over a leaked non-operative IPCC draft has subsided.  Result? A moderate  rustling in the internet weeds. This week’s news that matters?  A new huge majority of Americans have chosen to believe their eyes.

The Hill:

Four out of 5 people in the U.S. say global warming will be a big problem for the nation without action to reduce it, and a growing majority believe that temperatures are going up, a poll shows.

The Associated Press-Gfk poll released Friday shows that 80 percent say the country faces a “serious” problem if nothing is done to reduce future warming.

Associated Press:

A growing majority of Americans thinkglobal warming is occurring, that it will become a serious problem and that the U.S. government should do something about it, a new Associated Press-GfK poll finds.

Even most people who say they don’t trust scientists on the environment say temperatures are rising.

The poll found 4 out of every 5 Americans said climate change will be a serious problem for the United States if nothing is done about it. That’s up from 73 percent when the same question was asked in 2009.

And 57 percent of Americans say the U.S. government should do a great deal or quite a bit about the problem. That’s up from 52 percent in 2009. Only 22 percent of those surveyed think little or nothing should be done, a figure that dropped from 25 percent.

CBS News: 

Belief and worry about climate change are inching up among Americans in general, but concern is growing faster among people who don’t often trust scientists on the environment. In follow-up interviews, some of those doubters said they believe their own eyes as they’ve watched thermometers rise, New York City subway tunnels flood, polar ice melt and Midwestern farm fields dry up.

Christian Science Monitor:

“They don’t believe what the scientists say, they believe what the thermometers say,” Krosnick said. “Events are helping these people see what scientists thought they had been seeing all along.”

Phil Adams, a retired freelance photographer from North Carolina, said he was “fairly cynical” about scientists and their theories. But he believes very much in climate change because of what he’s seen with his own eyes.

“Having lived for 67 years, we consistently see more and more changes based upon the fact that the weather is warmer,” he said. “The seasons are more severe. The climate is definitely getting warmer.”

“Storms seem to be more severe,” he added. Nearly half, 49 percent, of those surveyed called global warming not just serious but “very serious,” up from 42 percent in 2009. More than half, 57 percent, of those surveyed thought the U.S. government should do a great deal or quite a bit about global warming, up from 52 percent three years earlier.

A well known denialist told me last spring that his primary concern was the effect of extreme weather events on public opinion.  One of the recurring themes of recent months among scientists I’ve spoken to, is “..a new climate state..”, where extremes beyond human memory have become more commonplace.

That sound you hear, as James Carville said recently in another context, “…is pine on skull.”

8 Responses to “Climate Denial “game changer” Fizzles. AP Poll Shows Once Again, Nature Bats Last.”

  1. rayduray Says:

    Rev. Billy has graciously translated this message into street jive:

  2. skeptictmac57 Says:

    I wouldn’t get too comfortable yet.The whole thrust of this latest cherry pick was to support the denialist talking point of “It’s not us!!!”
    Everywhere I read the comments from AGW deniers,they are insisting that ‘real’ climate skeptics have ‘never’ doubted that the world is warming (yeah,right) ,they just think “we have little to do with it because…” (insert debunked argument here).

  3. daryan12 Says:

    As I believe I commented recently in my blog, the most telling indication of increasing awareness of the climate change issue is the very fact that Obama was re-elected and that Romney failed to take many of the very states which he should have won and the GOP went to great lengths to woo, notably Florida…perhaps images of the NY subway flooding reminded enough Florida voters of what the consequences of voting Republican would be.

    I’ve heard of “floating voters” but this is ridiculous!

    • sailrick Says:

      I’ve noticed a decided turning of the tide in the comments sections of Yahoo and CNN news stories about climate. The deniers are getting debunked by myself and others regularly and the ratio of thumbs up to thumbs down votes I get has greatly improved.
      I used to be one of the few non deniers at Yahoo, often getting 1- 8 or 1-10 votes. Now there are several others who have a clue about the science, battling it out with me.

  4. Caleb Lawson Says:

    “a growing majority believe that temperatures are going up”

    The fact that there’s still ANYBODY who doesn’t “believe” that temperatures are going up is a sad commentary on human stupidity. It’s not a matter of opinion whether temperatures are going up. Anybody who doesn’t “believe” that it’s happening, look at a damn thermometer.

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