Right Wing Preacher: Not Using Fossil Fuels Insults God

November 30, 2012

Right, this is the same Cal Beisner  of the “Cornwall Alliance”, a fossil funded right wing fundy wackjob group, and one of the Heartland Institute’s “experts” on climate change. Watch him below as he tiptoes delicately around presenting paleo-temp records to young-earth creationists. (at about 2:15 )

“..and of course, if you’re a young earth creationist, you’re going to have to do some changing of how you interpret some of the chronologies here, to fit it into your paradigm, I think that’s an entirely legitimate thing to do..”

Now we have video from Rev. Pat Robertson that may bring him into conflict with Beisner’s “have it your way” cafeteria-style history. Robertson cautions his fundamentalist flock that the earth might indeed be more than 6000 years old,  – those dinosaur bones are indeed “out there”, along with carbon dating.  “If you fight revealed science (?),” he says, “you’re going to lose your children, and I believe in telling them the way it was.”

10 Responses to “Right Wing Preacher: Not Using Fossil Fuels Insults God”

  1. How can one debate someone who compares a biblical parable about a “wicked and lazy steward who buries his talent in the ground” to a cosmic hydrocarbon Easter egg hunt? Perhaps we should chat about worshiping Helios (the sun god) rather than Hades (the god of the underworld).

  2. As you can tell from this response, Beisner is not getting a lot of support from some of his colleagues. Dr. Richard Bauckham said to him, “Stop playing silly games with pseudo-science, and wake up to what’s really going on in the world!”


  3. ontspan Says:

    How fortunate we are on the old continent having only little to deal with such Christian religious fundamentalism. Thanks for having me count my blessings!

  4. pendantry Says:

    There’s lies, damn lies, statistics… and reading way too much into ancient scriptures.

  5. skeptictmac57 Says:

    Someone must have anointed his head with oil (Exxon perhaps).

  6. kokuaguy Says:

    Why is it not equally insulting to God when we ignore the resources of the sun and winds etc. with which we have been blessed in such abundance?

  7. […] excretes") telling his audience that not to use fossil fuels insults God (video at the link). Right Wing Preacher: Not Using Fossil Fuels Insults God | Climate Denial Crock of the Week Sign in or Register Now to […]

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