Climate Change: Do the Math

November 24, 2012

37 Responses to “Climate Change: Do the Math”

  1. In reply to Roger Lambert’s idea it is beginning to happen slowly – Masdar City in the U.A.E is harnessing the nearly 365 days of strong desert sun and the group are beginning to export technology and ideas to Africa. It is not so far away.

  2. Denis Grey Says:

    I found this video long, slow and preachy. As a Canadian province in the path of Sandy we saw some wet basements and a few trees and we sent hydro trucks to help out in NJ and NY.

    We need much shorter and harder-hitting videos to get the point across. Artistic icecubes falling don’t change minds.

    The best analogy that I can think of is that someone who is in a bar has 20 drinks on the table in front of them and their friend is telling them that they can have just one more without blowing over the legal limit and they can drink five more if they get a designated driver but if they drink all 20 the drinks on the table they will get alcohol poisoning and die.

    That’s the choice facing us as I understand it and you could put that into a 30 second Youtube video.

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