Green Groups Push for Action Following Electoral Win

November 13, 2012

National Journal:

In case you missed the election results, green groups are hammering home the message.

Environmental advocacy groups are launching a cable TV and online-ad blitz aimed at influencing Washington’s policymakers, one of the groups announced today.

The cable buy, sponsored by the League of Conservation Voters, will run from today through Nov. 18 in the Washington TV market. The ad’s video will also run online at the Huffington Post,Washington Post, and Politico, the League’s Jeff Gohringer said today in a statement.

Separate online ads on those sites will begin running on Tuesday, according to the statement.

The buy cost in the six figures and is aimed at telling leaders that they “must move forward with a clean energy/clean air agenda that: protects health; creates jobs; secures our energy future through clean energy investments; and addresses climate change,” according to the statement.

The 30-second video ad dings the “other side” for opposing environmental measures.

“The other side may have spent hundreds of millions fighting it on the airwaves, but look who won–at the polls,” the narrator says.


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