The Yes Men in the Rockaways: The Occupy Sandy Relief Effort

November 12, 2012

Hat tip to commenter Rayduray for this link.


The Yes Men visit the devastated Rockaways after Superstorm Sandy, and amidst the rubble they find hope in one relief effort being organized by the Occupy movement, Greenpeace, and others. The video includes an interview with Diego from Occupy Sandy at the Yana relief center, and Jesse Coleman from Greenpeace, who rolled in with their “Coal Free Future” solar truck to help out a few days after the storm.

3 Responses to “The Yes Men in the Rockaways: The Occupy Sandy Relief Effort”

  1. rayduray Says:


    Thanks for promoting this to the front page. 🙂

    For more on Occupy, visit us at

  2. Thank you, Occupy Sandy and Greenpeace for your efforts in this neighborhood. This is serious devastation of property and displacement of residents. I am surprised, frankly, that a more cohesive and organized relief infrastructure doesn’t seem to have been established here and in other areas that were particularly hard hit by this freakish storm system (unless I am missing something.)

  3. rayduray Says:

    Welcome to the temporary future of Venice, until the MOSE Project is completed in 2015.

    UK Mail newspaper headline: “The Floating City: Heavy rains flood Venice and reach the sixth highest tide level in 150 years”

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