Monckton: Obama “Was Not and Is Not The President”. And by the Way, there is no Climate Change.

November 7, 2012

The world’s leading climate denier, the Elvis of the Anti-Science movement, self described ” high priest of climate skepticism” – the man who sent dozens of elderly, senescent climate denialist hearts fluttering (technically, atrial fibrillation) at the recent “Denia-Palooza” (above) climate denial conference in Chicago, has weighed in on the presidential election.  Monckton, known to the world as the most famous and influential denier of atmospheric science, a favorite “expert witness” of  the tea party congress, the man who says he has cured AIDS, (see above) assured readers of the World Net Daily, that, no – Barack Obama was not really president.

World Net Daily:

Win or lose, though, Mr Obama was not and is not the president. The Hawaiian long-form “birth certificate” he publicly endorsed and posted at the White House website last year as proof that he was born in the jurisdiction of the U.S. and is thus constitutionally eligible to be president is a forgery.

I can prove it.

I have been asked to prepare an affidavit in one of the 80 court cases U.S. citizens have filed in the hope of persuading someone – anyone – in office to lift a trembling, liver-spotted finger and do something about the forgery.

The affidavit, which I shall be swearing today, is posted here, with the written permission of the plaintiff’s attorney.

In very simple language, the affidavit explains how mathematicians apply probability theory to determine the probability that suspect documents are genuine.

The diligent, unpaid heroes who have been investigating the dodgy document for more than a year on behalf of the people of Maricopa County, Ariz., have found a long list of irregularities in Mr. Obama’s identification documents.

I have used the investigators’ list to draw up a schedule of probabilities – one for each individual irregularity. The probability that the “birth certificate” and other Obama identity documents are genuine is just 1 in 75 sextillion.

I have used this method to catch con men before. I used it to demonstrate that Al Gore’s sci-fi movie was political, not scientific. The High Court in London ordered Britain’s Education Department to issue 77 pages of corrective guidance before the movie could be shown to innocent pupils.

John and others have written to the Secret Service. Its head has not replied, though it is his job to investigate the authenticity of identity documents. No replies from the head of the FBI, all members of the Cabinet and nearly all secretaries of state, attorneys general and governors.

Till now, though, these bumblocrats have not been confronted with sworn testimony. This is where you come in. Write to your congressman, to both senators, to your state’s governor, AG and secretary of state, demanding that Mr Obama’s birth narrative be investigated as fraudulent. And send them copies of my affidavit.

Email me via WND to say you have acted. I am gathering proof that various senior officers of state have been told of the Obama corruption and have failed to do their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution.

The investigators are closing in. When prosecutions begin (and it is “when,” not “if”), those who failed to honor their oaths of office will be in the crowded dock alongside Obama as accessories after the fact of forgery, fraud and – let us not mince words – high treason.

This is someone that climate deniers claim is some kind of seminal,  protean genius.  It really leaves one speechless, and speaks volumes about what we are up against, and who.

15 Responses to “Monckton: Obama “Was Not and Is Not The President”. And by the Way, there is no Climate Change.”

  1. rayduray Says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Monkton and Mockery are nearly on the same page of the dictionary?

  2. … and the odds of Moncton finding the testicular fortitude to debate Peter Hadfield are also just 1 in 75 sextillion.

  3. gregfromcos Says:

    I’m not sure why American Christians are so enamored with this guy. Maybe they have their Lords confused? 🙂

  4. mrsircharles Says:

    Please let me know how to embed a video here…

    potholer54 has a whole series on Lord Monkey…

    Here #5, my most favourite one actually with a bold challenge at the end:

    “This will have to be the last video in the Monckton Bunkum series, because he’s made so many mistakes in his presentations it will take at least three more videos to debunk them all, and I’m getting tired of having to correct him. So I’ve issued a challenge to Monckton fans in this video — instead of finding things Monckton got wrong (which is easy), find something he actually managed to get right. It has to be something that contradicts the conclusion that CO2 is largely responsible for recent global warming. Now here’s the scary part: You won’t be able to simply repeat a Monckton claim and tell me it must be true, you have to check Monckton’s source and verify it. ”

    And it wasn’t the last video… But enjoy yourselves

    • greenman3610 Says:

      to embed video just paste the youtube link.
      you had some extra characters in there, and when I removed them the vid showed up.

  5. Martin Lack Says:

    Astonishing stupidity. I would more readily believ David Icke’s theory that we are all being controlled by a superior race of lizards.

  6. Martin Lack Says:

    I thought Monckton had been told by the British Parliament to stop using this portcullis device as a means of bolstering his credibility?

  7. Just ask him how his court cases against Al Gore and John Abrahams are proceeding.

    He is all lies, bluster and hot air, but his fellow nut jobs buy into it. Google his name and Gibraltar and read what he was saying about Al Gores recent visit.

  8. […] enough to come to its senses?  Signs are mixed. As a post below shows, the climate denialist base clearly still wants to hold on to their alternative reality. But what about more “mainstream” types? Conservative Rich Lowry, writing in Politico, […]

  9. I want to see his work on the odds that Obama is a muslim. Really this guy is a snake oil salesman

    • rayduray Says:


      Re: “Really this guy is a snake oil salesman.”

      Have you considered that Monckton is simply having a lot of fun mocking the whole world?

      When it comes to snake oil, here’s my favorite explanation of the trade:

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