The Weekend Wonk: Dave Roberts Remixed

November 3, 2012

A harrowing, brutally stated TED presentation by Grist’s Dave Roberts at Evergreen State – powerfully set to music and video by Ryan Cooper. Great job.

Reminds us all of why we are here and what we have to do.


14 Responses to “The Weekend Wonk: Dave Roberts Remixed”

  1. rayduray Says:

    Not to be outdone in “Doom & Gloom” reporting, Gail Zawacki at Wit’s End brings up the downed trees littering the landscape in rural NJ/NY area:

    And don’t you feel just lucky that you weren’t living in this formerly posh neighborhood on the Jersey Shore?

    We can all start to play the new board game replacing Monopoly. The one called “Spotting Snooki’s Porch”.

  2. Daniel LaLiberte Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I must admit, I wasn’t aware of the high likelihood of catastrophic consequences. Scientists have been speaking too softly, too gentlemanly.

    I do believe it is possible to avert the speeding-off-a-cliff disaster, however. Most people seem to assume that after we necessarily stop emitting carbon into the atmosphere, then we just have to wait for nature to repair the damage, and that will take a long time. But we can, and probably MUST, go further and reverse the damage. Carbon sequestration can be done on a large scale, faster even than growing plants to do their part, though we must restore the land as well. Anything we do will require energy, but the key observation to make is that we have more than enough renewable energy available to us to do the job. Thousands of times more than we need. The thing we don’t have much of is time. There is no time to waste.

  3. pendantry Says:

    Reblogged this on Wibble and commented:
    Our present course leads to certain catastrophe. Can we make the impossible possible… or is ‘human nature’ simply too obstinate?

  4. vtgrn Says:

    Unfortunately the music level makes it hard for an old guy to clearly hear the message.

  5. Thanks for this post – I’d seen the “original”. This is well worth hearing again.

    Picking a nit: it is a TEDx talk.


    • rayduray Says:

      Hi Neil,

      The David Roberts presentation was certainly something I’d like to see elevated to a full TED talk.

      Occasionally, TED steps out of character as an oblivious technology and corporate agenda promotion platform and gets real. Here’s one of those rare moments:

  6. rayduray Says:

    Sea Level Rise exceeding IPCC predictions:

    Quote: ” Sea levels are rising faster than expected from global warming, and University of Colorado geologist Bill Hay has a good idea why. The last official IPCC report in 2007 projected a global sea level rise between 0.2 and 0.5 meters by the year 2100. But current sea-level rise measurements meet or exceed the high end of that range and suggest a rise of one meter or more by the end of the century.”

  7. rayduray Says:

    BBC Documentary: “Hot Planet?” with Ian Stewart:

  8. Alteredstory Says:

    It’s depressing to see such an articulate and well-sourced voice given to the conclusions I came to some years ago, and haven’t been able to get away from since.

    I think there’s been a small part of me that was hoping I was just a nut.

  9. Michael Maag Says:

    Sigh. Probably really well “powerfully set to music”.

    I will not know, as I live in Germany.

    There we have an Organisation, founded by the Nazis in 1933, that has a monopol for charging the fees for copyrighted music instead of the author – any author. (Of course charging the fees costs a lot of fees…) These content-mafia is blocking the video, “because the video contains music from EMI, whose rights of publishing are not granted to GEMA.”

    Please, Please, a version without any music for Germany!

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