“Not Funny, Mitt”. Help Put this “Mitt-Sandy” Ad on TV

November 2, 2012

Forecast the Facts has juxtaposed Romney’s “rise of the oceans” joke to the GOP convention and scenes from Sandy.

They are seeking support to get the short version (above) on the air.  If you would like to help, go here.


3 Responses to ““Not Funny, Mitt”. Help Put this “Mitt-Sandy” Ad on TV”

  1. Jean Mcmahon Says:

    That vacant look really bothers me….that look is similar to George Bush…must be the expression they get when trying to lie….I could not figure out how to donate..will try again

  2. prokaryotes Says:

    Moderate-strength Nor’easter may hit Sandy-devastated areas Wednesday ://www.wunderground.com/blog/JeffMasters/comment.html?entrynum=2285

  3. #republicans say #romney #liar #flipflop #cheater and #fruad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWuzBjrk6YM

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